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Hello Lifectioners,

This is the Happiness scale built with the help of top psychologists as a partial assessment method to measure one's happiness.

Make sure while answering the items, that you are honest and authentic in responding.

The score here tells you your subjective well being and happiness score and will help you in being self aware. Please note that your score might change depending upon your life circumstances and maturity.
After you answer all the answers, Click on "View Score" to check the level of your happiness, and review the scorecard.
If you are having trouble filling the form- go to this link to take the quiz-

Scoring Results
1. 7-10 Points: you are happy and fulfilled.

2. 4-7 Points: you can be happy but you generally look for happiness in other people and outside environment. Try to love your own self and stop feeling guilty for investing time with oneself.

3. Less than 4: you don’t feel satisfied and thus feel unhappy most of the time. Genuine happiness maybe eluding you.

Tips and suggestions 
Make notes of the items that you have answered false and think about what made you do that. Accept the limitations in your understanding and try to work on them.
There is nothing wrong in being selfish once a while to take care of oneself and spend some time in whatever way you like.
In stressful situations, try to have an optimistic approach if possible. If not, just say this to your self-“this too shall pass”.

Thanks for standing by.
Let us know the score of your happiness scale in comment section down below.

Stay Happy.
Keep Smiling...😉


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