Out of the box ? No Thankyou

Out of the box ? No Thankyou

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How many times has the boss messed around or teachers forcing the poor kids to think out of the box..

But my question to all those people who ask us to think out of the box is WHERE IS THE BOX?  

The box here, for my literal friends, doesn’t mean a cardboard cubicle.
The box here is a metaphor for our minds which sometimes due to different vulnerabilities, obstacles start thinking in a way which is superbly comfortable and not challenging to maintain its secure position and thus the concept of thinking out the box arises.
Being voracious curious passionately challenging, looking for alternatives, making small opportunities grand is known as out of the box thinking.

Out of the box ? No Thankyou

But nowadays there’s so much pressure to be different that one sometimes has to pretend to be extremely distinguishing while the reality is ordinary Isn’t it silly to think ordinary is something negative?

We each get to decide what success means for us - and if it is wrapped up in just being ordinary...why feel bad about? be grateful instead!

As I see it, there are two types of people out there.
  •  The former will read the anecdotes about all those underdogs who beat the odds and managed to achieve wealth and prestige beyond their wildest dreams, and will say to themselves, “Wow! That could be me!” They’ll feel enlightened, invigorated, and revved up to make a change.
  • And then there’s me.
There are those who read goal attainment books and feel inspired, and me.
Out of the box ? No Thankyou

While I may initially pick up such a book with genuine interest, my desire to whip my life into shape will invariably do an about-face leaving me anything but inspired. If I say anything to myself as I read, it’s more likely to be a string of ego-deflating curses than a yearning-filled “one day that’ll be me.

Success doesn’t have to mean a coastal beach house or getting up to speak in front of a crowded audience where everyone knows just who you are, what you do, and how much you’re worth.

There is a quieter, softer form of success.

Out of the box ? No Thankyou

I began crafting my own definitions and principles of success. Things along the lines of:

Out of the box ? No Thankyou

  • If you have one person in your life you genuinely care about and who genuinely cares about you, you’re successful.
  • If you have one more positive thought today than you had yesterday, you’re successful.
  • If you have just one thing to be proud of, or be grateful for, or to celebrate, even if it’s just the fact that you didn’t rip anyone’s head off even though you had a miserable day, you’re successful.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m all for setting and achieving goals. I’m also all for striving to become the next one-in-a-million success story if that’s what floats your boat. But if it isn’t what floats your boat, that’s no indicator of your personal worth or lack thereof.

It’s a sad sign of the times that success is measured in extraordinary terms only. It’s as if the benchmarks of ordinary, mundane success have now been rendered obsolete, or worse: something to feel ashamed of.

Out of the box ? No Thankyou

It takes heaping amounts of courage to step back from the grandiose expectations of what success books tell you life could be and say that what you already have is enough. Maybe even more than enough. But in truth it is.

So even simplicity and ordinariness can lead your ambitions. 

Out of the box ? No Thankyou

~ Written by,
Nishtha Grover


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