Meet the Team


Allow us to introduce to you the team at the heart of Lifectionery. You see, Lifectionery is a confectionery, and just like a confectionery it has important parts- such as butter, caster sugar, plain flour, eggs, milk, double cream, chocolate. Each of the component working together in harmony to create the whole tasty world of chocolates, which expands far beyond its own taste value to reach and connect with millions of people all over the world (that's you!). 
Lifectionery isn’t a business at all. It exists as a motivation series(instagram) and website you see before you (and hopefully one day… some confectioneries!!), and we are working very hard to keep it that way forever.

Our Story

From April 15th, 2017, we, as a Team are working diligently towards our goal, many people did join too to contribute in this noble cause, establishing a core infrastructure based around compassion, respect, and honesty that could result in millions of people coming together to make a difference all over the world. It’s an incredibly big vision, and to describe the details here would be a little bit much.

History: Whilst Aman Khurana started Lifectionery in 2014 (with some core ideas from 2013), he worked alone till mid of next year. Then, he realized the importance of team work to build a core infrastructure for a well reputed self help blog page and to reach the masses and achieve the big vision.

Lifectionery Team-

And when the search for a team started, people started to show up with similar interests, and he did what was to be done for best. Firstly, he met with this guy, Vishakh Saraf, who built the core ideas to do the necessary stuff, but also guided to not go too fast as a good infrastructure first needs the good base on which it can stand. But, soon he also did quit writing stuff due to his focus in career. Then, we also had Niranjana Bhaskaran, who also showed up with some unique ideas. Her contributions can also never be forgotten. And, slowly more like minded people started to pour in. Devanshi Juneja came as a hope to the Lifectionery and slowly more like minded people poured in. Roshni Kharbanda came as a source of our motivation. Always positive and with a very creative mind. Then, Anisha Grover showed up with all her enthusiasm to always boost us up to work together and keep as energized with all the positivities. Along with her, Nishtha Grover came as another source of a different creative way of writing, and humbleness. Then, my brother Naman Khurana also gave a helping hand in spreading the words of motivation, plus helped me in most of the tasks of making motivational videos, writing blogs, and much more. He is the main helping hand able to contribute to almost everything.

And, together our goal/vision is to bring "The Source of Motivation" to as many people as possible and I am currently working on ways to do that. Keep positive, be gracious in all that you do and keep the faith. 

So, ladies and gentlemen, I proudly present our team, gathered together under a common confectionery and are the most sweetest,bestest and most valuable confections of their own kind.
Our Team

1. AMAN KHURANA (Creator, Writer, Quote-writer) {Dentist}

#1 Baker

I am the baker of Lifectionery, looking for some wonderful confections in the world, to come together and work together to spread the sweetness in the world, and finally to eliminate the sourness.


Hello Lifectioners,

I am Aman Khurana. Lifectionery, yes, the seed of which started once I was sitting and discussing about my life problems with my light of motivation, AVNISH BHATIA

Just like everyone on Earth, I too had grown up with many problems and quite a few heart-breaks that completely shook up my entire world, including unnatural demise of my Dad. But, with problems comes the wisdom to understand life better. So since my childhood, I had the habit to collect experiences and jot all the things down for better recall and slowly as I grew up after getting the knowledge of "THE SECRET", I decided to collect all my motivational and inspirational self help ideas. 

I like to reveal less about myself. But, opening up a bit this time, I still remember the day when I met, this guy, Avnish Bhatia, who changed my entire world and my entire perspective about the problems in life to a completely positive one. And, while enlightening me, he also sowed the seed to start a blog. With the motivation, I started writing and started this blog naming, LIFECTIONERY, after lots and lots of researches, with the purest intentions to help anyone and everyone on Earth, that may be going through any of the problems. Perhaps, with my this smallest attempts to write motivation from my own life experiences somewhere, someone, sometime, would get the courage to move on in life.

Will be publishing my recipes(work) on as I just don't want to keep all my knowledge within myself. My goal/vision is to bring "The Secret" and it's principles to as many people as possible and I am currently working on ways to do that. Keep positive, be gracious in all that you do and keep the faith. As, said in the quote-


Hope it comes to you as a source of inspirational light to you in this world…!!



At last, this would not have been possible without my greatest source of inspiration my MOM and younger brother, Naman Khurana.. :)
Also, not to forget my Lifectionery Team.

2. DEVANSHI JUNEJA (Writer, Quote-writer, Photographer) {Dentist}

#2 Strawberries Arnaud

Know the Dish-
As we’ve all heard, things are not always what they seem, and this saying applies to the Strawberries Arnaud, and DEVANSHI JUNEJA perfectly. If you go to Arnaud’s restaurant in New Orleans’ French Quarter to get a Strawberries Arnaud, you see nothing more than a bowl of strawberries topped with cream and mint. Yet, somehow they are worth $1.4 million? Look a bit harder and you’ll find a one-of-a-kind 4.7-carat pink diamond. Not only do you get delicious strawberries and a nice ring, the dessert comes with white-glove servers who provide wine out of a wine set worth $24,850, and of course there’s live jazz music. In any case, I say stick to your own strawberries and cream and a 25 cent plastic ring. She’ll never know the difference. 
It's that simple dish, yet so worthy. I believe, there is nothing left to explain with this description of the dish as they both are just the same with a beautiful ring(heart).
Simple, yet so worthy.

Hello Lifectioners, 
I am Devanshi Juneja, your co-motivator . I am persuading Dental surgery. I am a restless human bieng but a satisfied soul. Apart from penning down my thoughts, I love photography.  ( hey ! not like clicking my pictures or something. But capturing the nature ) And PAULO COELHO is my most favourite author.
So my beautiful journey with LC begun on 8 May 2017 with my first blog - BE BLANK. I knew about lifectionery and how good Aman sir's blogs are but never thought that I will be a blessed part of Lifectionery. When the idea of LIFE-KITS was out on social media , attaining a lot of attention, I generally asked him - What is it all about..?And the conversation headed to a question - Devanshi, do you write..? Yes ! I did write but for my satisfaction. I was a clumpsy- scribble-your-thoughts-up kind of writer. I did try blogging when  I was in Class - 9th but that was just for fun. Never wrote more than 2 blogs, hehe.
What next ! He motivated  and I thought I can give it a try. And that's how I was a part of Lifectionery FAMILY 😇
As of today, Lifectionery means a LOT to me. Each and every time I write or think something, it helps me more than anybody else. It gives me an internal happiness, a secret confidence, a tiny boost which is not descriptive.
And not to forget , the positive and influential souls I am in touch with due to LC. It's always a blessing.
As a writer , I have learnt a lot . But as a human,  I have evolved .As a positive person, I always welcome more positivity ! LC is a bomb of positivity, perhaps. 😋
At last , I hope our sun-rays becomes brighter and wider and longer and stronger ; and these rays touch and capture everybody. So that no one in this world feel alone and disgusting ever. xoxoxoxo

3. ROSHNI KHARBANDA (Writer, Quote-writer, Photographer) {Dentist}

#3 Frrozen Chocolate Haute

Know the Dish-
Served in one of the most popular dessert establishments in New York City, Serendipity, the Frrozen Chocolate Haute is made of 24 different types of cocoas, 14 of which are branded as the priciest cocoas in the world. On top of that, the chocolate sundae is topped with edible 23-karat gold. Adding to the lavish creation are the edible gold decorations crusting the goblet. To help you consume such extravagant creation is a gold, diamond-incrusted spoon.
As frozen chocolate made of 24 different cocoas, 14 of which priciest ones.
She has got the gift to write in such vast variety.
And as ice cream is lavished with gold, she has a golden heart.
And a diamond spoon symbolise her pen.

I am Roshni Kharbanda superexcited for whatever life offers and love to explore new things , my name plays a very important role in my life. Checklist in the pocket of my heart gives me a push to move on, because what needs to be conquered is far big than the problems that we face to achieve it.
Love photography because seeking different aspects are always joyful.
Making someone feel better by my words and actions heels my inner soul.
I want to spread that smile which u get after looking at a smiling baby and at the same time a spark which enlightens your soul.
I want people to realize that they don't need to fit in and they are perfect with whatever they have in their hand.

4. NISHTHA GROVER (Writer, Quote-writer) {Psychologist}

#4 Golden opulence sundaee

Know the Dish-
  The Tahitian Vanilla Bean ice cream and specks of Amedei Porcelana, the most expensive chocolate in the world, easily make the Golden Opulence Sundae sounds expensive. But if they do not, perhaps the 24-karat edible gold, gold dragnets, and dessert caviar topping the sundae will. Golden Opulence Sundae is made using three scoops of rich Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream infused with Madagascar vanilla and covered in 23k edible gold leaf. The chocolate syrup used is from melted Amedei Porcelana, one of the world's most expensive chocolates; and covered with chunks of rare Chuao chocolate, which is from cocoa beans harvested by the Caribbean Sea on Venezuela’s coast. The sundae is then adorned with "exotic candied fruits from Paris, gold covered almonds/dragets, chocolate truffles and marzipancherries." Added to the dessert is a tiny glass bowl of Grand Passion Caviar, an exclusive dessert caviar, made of salt-free American Golden caviar, known for its sparkling golden color. It’s sweetened and infused with fresh passion fruit, orange and Armagnac. Edible gold leaf is made from pure gold that is compressed or rolled into very thin sheets that are only a few micrometers thick and contain no other metals or impurities. It is finally topped off with a gilded sugar flower and sprinkled with small flakes of more edible gold. The sundae comes in a $300 Baccarat Harcourt crystal goblet which the buyer gets to keep.
Hi,I am Nishtha Grover, a 20’s something girl trying to conceal her princess identity underneath the loose sweatshirts and super airy pyjamas!A budding psychologist, I am pursuing my masters in applied psychology from the coveted Delhi university. My offbeat career trail began when I firmly denied my mentors,peers and parents that even though I have cracked the medical entrance, I am never going to hold a scalpel in my hand. Smashing the usual and perhaps taking the biggest risk of my life, I hung the stethoscope to take on the therapist's chair donning the white coat. And trust me the journey I am still taking is an adventure in itself. Apart from my professional studies I love to imagine stories which have never been written. Zoning out to edm music is my specialty and I am a books devouring individual who is always hungry for new novels!A guitarist, debater, quizzer, dancer and a princess(part time)...I always look forward to challenge my own boundaries to merge into the infinite cloud of magic!Keep smiling ⭐

5. ANISHA GROVER (Content Incharge, Creative Writer, Quote-maker) {Dentist}

#5 Sizzling Chocolaty Absurdity Sundae (Sizzling Chocolate Brownie + Absurdity Sundae)

Know the Dish-
With a totally different recipe invented till date, this girl is similar.
With the need of 2 names added to her description to explain her, she is one of the most energetic person in Lifectionery. "Sizzling Chocolaty Brownie" which explains her enthusiastic nature to work.

  • Sizzling Brownie is a dessert available in India, made popular by cafes and restaurants of Mumbai. It is a chocolate brownie with a scoop of ice-cream on top served with a generous pouring of melted chocolate on the ice-cream. It is served on hot sizzler plates to be eaten directly in its sizzling hot form.
  • And "Abusurdity Sundae" which is the most expensive Ice Cream created by Three Twin Ice Cream Company. You can enjoy this incredible ice cream in $60,000, the profit generated by this ice cream is sent to a nonprofit in Africa and it helps in conserving environment. Explaining about her very special nature to help people.

I am ANISHA GROVER , a girl a little adventurous, a little gentle and a little wise.
A delhi state silver medallist in karate , persuading dental surgery.
A bubbly kiddo who just loves doing what her heart says and lives her every moment to the
fullest .
I am believer of karma who holds very strong ethics in life.
There’s one thing that makes me most happy is the smile on my parent’s face . For that I can do
Apart from this I love to sketch and dancing is my favourite pass time .
I feel very strongly towards our Indian army and have immense respect for them .
My journey with lifectionery began as a social media marketing expert when Aman sir gave me the responsibility. And now I feel proud to say that I am a part of this beautiful family.
Lifectionery bought not only positivity in my life but also a sense of confidence in my own self
where all of these members be my constant motivators .
I have a belief that if you follow what your heart says everything falls in place .
I am just a simple ordinary girl who has extraordinary dreams and my determination for it will
help fulfill it

My motto for life is to accept my weaknesses gracefully and never regret anything because life is a beautiful ride.

6. NAMAN KHURANA (Video Creator, Blogger, Creative Writer, Quote-maker)

#5 The Golden Speckled Egg

Know the Dish-

London-based chocolatier William Curley has cracked a Guinness World Record by crafting the most expensive non-jeweled chocolate egg ever sold at auction, according to London & Partners. The 110-pound confection sold for more than $10,000 (you could buy about 10,000 Cadbury crème eggs with that) to technology investor Cyrus Vandrevala.
It took seven skilled chocolatiers at Curley's Twickenham production kitchen three days to handcraft the massive ova using Amadei chocolate from the Chuao region of Venezuela, famous for being what many consider the best chocolate in the world.
The egg is filled with Curley favorites that have all won gold awards from the Academy of Chocolate, including muscovado caramel, Japanese black vinegar, rosemary and olive oil, toasted sesame and juniper berry and cassis. The egg is accented with edible gold leaf, and was "hidden" by what must have been a gargantuan were-rabbit at Fortnum and Mason.
London, which is on a Guinness World Record-breaking kick, hopes the Big Egg Hunt will be judged the largest Easter egg hunt in the world. So far London has broken the world records for longest curtsey relay and longest marathon hug.


Hello lifectionerss..
I'm Naman. Starting to build my career in higher studies after school. Started blogging in a purpose to motivate myself and by doing the same helping others. As it is said that the problem one person is in, the same might have happened with some other as well. When we share our problems with one another, this chain of solutions might help the other guy to come out of the problem through the example.
 So I wanna be that guy, that can guide the problemed guy to move on a better path. I am gonna presume my studies in language section particularly in Spanish as it's my passion and it will help me in understanding more problems of people and bringing out and nurturing the superpowers of as many people as I can. There are no superheroes waiting to come to help you, you need to be your own superhero. Be your own superhero, and most of your problems will get automatically resolved. As, it will help to remove expectations that someone or somebody will come forward to help you, and you will learn the most important aspect to solve your own problem and take 100% responsibility of your life. The only thing that makes me happy is seeing others' happy faces. I tries to make people smile as much as I can.

So, these are the team members we have till now.
Are you the next one?
Write with us.
We are looking for you.

Please feel free to leave a comment below or contact me at or direct message on Facebook and follow us on facebook and instagram.

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