Miracle & Acceptance

Hello Lifectioners,

Today's post is about MIRACLES, Yes, they do happen! 

What is a Miracle? The Bible quotes a Miracle to be;
"an express event that surpasses all the natural powers and is related to some supernatural cause." Tough to understand? 
Well, I'll take it to the layman.
The story that follows is gonna change your outlook on the events happening in your life, keep focused.

One fine day, I was late for some urgent work but had to reach on time, so I rushed. All through my way, I kept hoping that no known person should show up in my journey. But, Bingo! I met this friend of mine whom I, obviously, did not want to show up at that time. He had wished to meet me once he reached my place, but luckily found me in the middle of the road. And, well I had to greet him and we had a talk. While talking to him I saw a taxi, only one taxi at the taxi stand right opposite to me, I silently prayed for him to get over his talks before so that I could enjoy the perks of the last taxi I could see. All of sudden, he stopped talking, and I couldn't be more glad, so I rushed to fetch the taxi. But, I think, that was late too, I saw a man sit in that taxi and leave. All the negative thoughts brainstorm my head, "I might have gotten the taxi and left, where did this guy make an entry from, he made me rush for things more, I didn't need him to turn up." But, what made it negative. I did, I only made it negative and fill it up with negative thoughts.
Well, it's not the end of the story. A man came running to me, screaming at the top of his voice, "Sir, the last taxi that left this spot has met with a blow right at the primary roundabout." My thoughts took a different direction. This incident completely transformed my mindset towards that friend of mine who showed up. God, the almighty, the supreme power sent him to save my life today. It's a MIRACLE! What a sad life are we living? In a fraction of seconds, my views for that friend of mine changed from considering him to be a devil to accepting that he instead, was a guardian angel. 
Well, what's a miracle? Isn't it a miracle that I am alive? Isn't it a miracle that I am breathing?
Have faith and just let goo. Have trust in the almighty who created this universe. He has better plans for all of us, keep faith, and trust him. 

Why don't we just have faith and stop worrying about all troubles and just LET GO! Is it so important to burden ourselves with worries that will bring us to no conclusion? Just enjoy your life and have faith that everything that is happening in your life is for your betterment and IT WILL BECOME SO WHEN YOUR THOUGHTS WORK POSITIVELY. :)


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