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Like always, even today I bring to you an incident of my life which has taught me something worthy and I'm sure it'd benefit you someday somewhere as well.   

I had some urgent work this Saturday and was in a real rush since I had to meet my grandma admitted in hospital due to some serious illness. What would you have done? Drove as fast as you could have, right? That's what I did too. 
But, a traffic signal interrupted me. I waited for some 40 seconds for it to turn green and as soon as it did, I press hit the accelerator but suddenly a guy on a motorbike shows up breaking the signal from the opposite end, close enough to almost dent my car due to which I had to hit the brakes and come up to a halt, AGAIN. And, because I was in a hurry and of course, stressed out, what do you think I would have done? YELL AT HIM. Yes,  I lowered the window glass and shouted at him on the top my of voice. 

But that person just bowed and apologized humbly.  I was still very furious and burning with rage, so I kept shouting at him. Until my MOTHER told me to keep calm and realize as to how humbly did he apologize. "FORGIVE HIM and MOVE ON.. he might be in a hurry too.." That's when my mom told me- TO KEEP CALM and let it go. She made me realize that if I have an urgency, it can be a possibility that the other person has one too, and yelling at him will land me nowhere. 

I feel, her words were strong enough to pop several questions in my head. My conscious kept interrogating itself with 
1)Why am I wasting my energy with him?
2) Why am I using such absurd words?
3) Is all this gonna take me anywhere better? Or just dig me deep into this materialistic world?

This is a really big world with billions and trillions of people living in it. Everyone is living the part assigned to them. Everyone has got some or the other work to be urgently done. So we need to learn to manage our temper and not lose it that easy. Believe me that lady in the hospital wasn't just my grandmother but my mother's mother too, yet she maintained her cool and taught me a lesson for life. I'm gonna hold on to it, will you from now?
There's a very famous Punjabi Gurbaani saying: CHETAN AWASTHA WICH REHNA AA JAAWE i.e learn to stay conscious and know the purpose you are here on this Earth for.
Work on this, and better things await. 


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