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We have finally arrived to our final destination in the series of smiling, and in this last part we're gonna focus on the different types of smiling faces we meet every day and wat wonders a smile can bring about in your life. 

Now, compare these two pics. See the difference. The person is
same but the difference is the smile.
Out of the two, whom would you like to reach out to talk to..??

So, you see the difference in the two pics. A smiley face is a symbol of positive aura. It makes you positive. It cleanses your aura. It makes your aura positive. And, if the aura is positive, you begin to notice it in positivity all around you. You turn out to be a positivist. If talking about the above pic, I shall prefer to go and talk to the left person rather than the right person. If your aura is full of positivity. You begin to attract positive events, positive people. And start out to radiate positive vibes all around you, making yourself and the people around positive.

:Anger won't make your problems easier. Tears won't bring back what is gone. But a smile. and gratitude will make you stronger:

There is always a reason to smile.... But the thing is that, you yourself has to find the reason to smile. None will make your task easier. You want yourself to be happy. So, shall it be. "Just find a reason to smile". Smile is the key that fits the lock on everyone's heart. Till now, you must have been thorough about the importance of smile. A warm smile is he language of universal kindness. It is a very powerful thing. It can help brighten someone's day, show someone how much you care for them, or even change your entire mood. Smile is also good for the soul, and it helps put your mind completely at ease.

As I already mentioned there are many types of smiles - a lot more than just a "fake" or the genuine type (that we call  the Duchenne's smile). Some estimate that we have about 50 types of different smiles - all look pretty much the same, but the context, the personality, cultural norms and small changes in the physical appearance of the grin gives it a distinct meaning.

Lastly, I want to mention some key ideas when you differentiate smiling faces around you:
1. Watch as smiles occur to strong emotions - it's true that we smile when we feel strong feelings ofhappiness, but they also appear easily in response to fear, embarrassment and even anger.
2. While in general smiles make us appear more honest and "human" watch for them when suspecting a lie. There are two reasons for that: a. liars want you to believe their lie - they will try harder to appease you so you believe their story. b. some smiles are unintentional response to internal tension, just like I mentioned in the paragraph above.
3. On the contrary (and I'm hope I'm not confusing you here) smiling in stressful situation can actually help to alleviate moral. Just like using humor when caught in a bad spot, smiling can help you see the world through brighter lenses.
So whether you have any kind of smile. Just smile and show the world that you are none less than anyone else. If you have nothing to smile about, force yourself and make yourself smile, coz its not about the others. Its about you..!! If you matter yourself more, just force yourself to smile. Whether it is that you have any of following smiles- 

a) Decent smile

b) Pretty Smile

c) Cute Smile

 d) Open Mouthed Smile with open heart

 e) Decent Smile

f) Dirty Smile :p

g) Terrifying Smile

h) Minion Smile 

So whether you have any of the following smiles. Just smile and smile and give your best.
 Smile with all open heart. Open your heart to everyone. SMILE SMILE SMILE

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