Tribute to Humanness - 2

Helllo Lifectioners,

Humanness is an environment where vibrations of love and compassion pervade, filling the atmosphere with the fragrance of pure and empathic feelings. It is where enlightened human beings (Saints), together, not only pray and praise the Lord devotedly, but disseminate the divine message to all. They dismantle walls and build bridges; they concentrate on shortening distances and getting one and all closer together.

It is in the atmosphere of Humanness that minds are purified and doubts and delusions can be transcended. This is where saints forge their relationship with the Lord, giving expression to their real essence. In so doing, they are refined and cleansed, becoming devotedly joined with the Formless one both consciously and subconsciously. They live in the awareness of the almighty, whose nature penetrates their very being. Such enlightened Saints find no difference between the subtle and gross nature. They observe no divides of caste and clan because they see the One, pervading in each and every thing. They carry no hatred for anyone; they practice no duality, transcending the feeling of ‘them and us’. In relinquishing their dual nature, they become the ideal subjects of Bulleh Shah’s couplet by becoming both the kazi (the priest) and the hazi (the pilgrim), He who earns the Truth, is a kazi; he who purifies the heart is a hazi. 

In realising their atma’s (the soul’s) destination as being parmatma (the Over-soul), they attain moksha (salvation). And in merging with the Lord, they forge deep connections with fellow human beings. In so doing, they bridge all distances, let go of negative sentiments, and dismantle the walls that had previously been established in heart and mind. As liberated souls they become free from all constraints, which ordinarily confine people. With their hearts illumined and having come to know the Truth, they are no longer imprisoned within pre-conceived notions that act as a lock, shutting them away behind a closed door. The liberation encourages them to open up. They acquaint one and all with reality, not illusions or beliefs based on ignorance.

Ever coloured by the hue of Formless, they form their lives into a unique model, and whole-heartedly imbibe the notion that love recognizes no barriers. 

Loss of Humanity

 The ignorant become distant from each other. These distances are inevitable, if people are distant from the Truth - Formless, which is the real essence. When the relationship with God is non-existent, the relationship between human beings becomes more difficult. Even if a person engages in prayers, worship, pilgrimages or the reading and reciting of scripture, the distance between him and Formless still looms large, if enlightenment has not been experienced. In these circumstances, it is difficult to establish closeness between human beings, as there is no closeness with God. What the ancestors had in terms of decency, goodness and value, the new generation failed to attach importance to, and readily abandoned. They let go of their human values, allowing peace and calm to slip out of their hands. Maltreatment of human beings became inevitable, and the present and past atrocities, human violations, abuse and damage simply carried on at their hands. Although there has never been a shortage of people extolling the virtues of God, there is always a lack of those who have attained Oneness with the Divine. As a consequence, these few enlightened beings have to make many sacrifices to re-establish those lost values of peace, calm and unity. 

Consequences of Ignorance 

When both the mind and the soul are in darkness, then what indeed is left? It is inevitable then that both the here and the hereafter are in vain. Nothing is achieved; everything becomes futile. It is sinful beyond measure here, and there is nothing but shame hereafter. When such a bad bargain is struck, then everything is lost. The ignorant, who do not experience the spiritual revolution, simply continue on the path of inhumanity, intolerance and distance. Misdemeanours take place as they have never known the Lord close enough. Although they acknowledge Him, they cannot experience His existence because of their ‘unknowing’.

Revival of Hope 

The ‘unknowing’ regard the question of God as an unsolvable riddle. But the fact of the matter is that if the mystery of God exists, then its de-mystifier must also exist. This is where the Saints and Sages come to the rescue. This riddle or recipe that they talk about, Saints make it clear to understand. That which is said to be non-existent, Saints render it ‘existent’. With such an illumination, intolerance which causes much devastation, bloodshed and the break-up of families, flies away like a bird. The fear propagated by established religions to convert people, to make them read their Scriptures, and to entrap them within false promises of security, are also put to rest. The enlightened - those who have awakened to the Truth - by contrast, dwell upon unity in diversity, never in uniformity. They enjoin everyone to live their lives with God. Unlike the ignorant, who praise the Lord and yet simulate hurtful deeds, they extoll the virtues of God and follow His path too. After all, For Rama (a Hindu reference to God) and Rahim (a Muslim reference to God) to become One, it is necessary to realize the Almighty, allowing Him to dwell in the heart. Just as darkness lifts at the lighting of a lamp, darkness of man’s delusions also shatters when he gains enlightenment.
“...if the mystery of God exists, then its demystifier must also exist.”


Those who pray, worship, fast, do penances and observe many rites and rituals must awaken to recognize the real core of Truth. They have to understand what has been given to them as directions in all the Scriptures. The issues that they do not think about - how to redeem the soul, how to make this life complete, how to reach their goal, and how to attain the Knowledge of God - they have to address. They have to realize that unlike the world around us, it is God alone that is eternal, stable, and ever still. It is pure and 'svembhuh' (self-made). By contrast everything else has been created. The system is such that things are created with a limited life, and eventually disappear. Because they are not eternal, they cannot be regarded as being True. God alone is True. In embracing the Truth, everyone gets rich beyond measure. With the advent of spiritual wealth, it is not only the poor, but the well-off too, who become enriched. Humanness, therefore, is something that we have to manifest by returning to our source. When we recognize our real essence 'wajood', we shall realize our connection with the Almighty. As humanness is inseparably connected to the Spirit, let us enlighten ourselves so that we can value our human legacy and imbibe it into our lives for lasting peace, calm and happiness.

“...distances are inevitable, if a person is distant from the Truth.”


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