She always had confusions when she had choices. She could not choose her favorite flavour of ice cream from chocolate , butterscotch, strawberry, vanilla or chocolate chip. She could not choose her favorite starter from the menu card in the hotel, let alone her main course. She could not choose choose what colour dress she was going to wear for her work tomorrow. She could not choose her favorite actor or actress. She was always doubtful of her self when given choices. She couldn't help herself when she felt discriminated when her parents chose to educate her brother and not her, but she chose to still hold their respect and upheld their honor high. She couldn't help cursing herself when people judged her because of her colour, but she chose to do better and scored high. When the society suppressed and tormented her from getting a job, she chose to walk undaunted and supported her family. When her daughter asked for an expensive dress, she chose to compromise on her desire to buy a cotton saree. When she was preyed on by lecherous, hungry eyes, and touched without her consent, she chose to slap him and walk with courageous smile. When she was raped, and left to die, she chose to live.
Every night she sleeps consuming the suppression, judgements, fear, assaults, disagreements , but every morning chooses to wake up with a smile.
Lost in the labyrinth of plural perceptions, she chose to fight the archaic believes and orthodoxed concepts.
Ethereal on the outside, she chose to display strength and courage when world was against her.
Giver her opportunities, her aliferous thoughts would break open to fly high, she will choose to fly out of her abditory.
She, is a mother.
She, is a wife.
She, is a daughter.
She, is a woman.
She is Y O U.


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