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One day, I took my neighbour's mom to doctor. Aproximately after waiting for 1 hour, my turn to see doctor came finally. Then, the doctor started with the regular check up. After checkup, the doctor took a look of the old lady and said with a smile, "There is nothing to worry about, mam. Though, I am writing some of the medicines, do take these on time. And YES, ALWAYS STAY HAPPY..!!!"

H-A-P-P-Y, the word H A P P Y, just stuck up in my mind.
Though, I had eagerness to ask the doctor about whether we have to remain happy..!!?? Happy..??
Though, I needed to ask the question to doctor. But I could not dare to ask so from him..
But, I could not even hide this question from the inspirational and motivational, Rev. Late Vivek Shauq. And the answer had to come from him in one of his spiritual and inspirational talk.
How should I stay happy in this cruel and selfish world where everyone is just busy in making their life to work the best, though in the process of making other person's life as hell..!! Just where people love themselves the lot, and do not even think about others that what would that effect on the guy...!!

"Someone asked me, that going on this path of spirituality, enlightenment and positivity, how should I know that, I am going all well on the path and my health is alright. I am healthy.
And that time, I just came up with the answer that.
My friend, Just stand here and put look around everywhere and count those faces that make you feel bad and spoil your mood up.

" Oh yes.. yeaah he is here.. wow!
She is here... nice!
He is here... superb!
She is here. Oh shit...!  From where did she come here.."

The lesser are these faces in your life, means you are going more on the correct path.
If, by seeing anyone or anybody, my mood does not spoils up and I dont start feeling anger, rather I feel happiness. I enjoy it. I stay happy that Thank Goodness,
He is also here!
She is also here!
He is also here.!
What else do I need from my health....!!
This is what shows the correct path in your life with which you will always feel good.
And, where my mind fills up with all the negative feeling that why is he here..!! Or, why is he sitting like this..! Or, why is he walking like this! Or, why did she not go away.!! What is he doing..! Why is he wearing such dress.. What is he speaking.
The more of such bad feelings are filled up in my mind, the more burdened I have made myself. the worse I have made my health go worse.
There is also a famous quotation for the same,

"Holding on to anger/bad feelings is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned."

We use to hear in modern world that the terrorists have made some kind of hit list that we will shoot this person. Or blow his head off. Someone has got extra security..! Why? His name has come in the hit list. Gosh.! That guy definitely needs security.
From there, came my idea that let us all make the HATE list of our lives too, but not
the H-I-T- list..!! That how many people are there that I don't like along with the reasons why I don't like them.. Let it be the people around me in the school, or college, or office, or even society. Or, relatives, or even strangers..!! That, I dont like this guy. I dont like that guy.. How many such people can be.!! FIVE, or TEN, or FIFTY, or A HUNDRED.!!! What more can you get.
Do try this excercise and write the name of all the people on the page in the form of list. Just write..!! Then, try writing the reasons of my dislike in front of their names.
And, them you will see very vague and awkward reasons for the dislike.
  • "That, this guy stole my 5000 bucks. I don't like him."
  • "This guy insulted me in front of eveyone. Even did he abuse me. I don't like him/her."
  • "This guy always tries to show me down and try to insult me. I don't like him/her."
  • "I just don't like his/her face. So,  I don't like him/her."
  • " This guy, I just dont like him/her for no reason. But just I don't like." Okay fine, write it too in your list. We will find the explanations later.

These small reasons you will find for which you will find human beings bad around you..!! And, then you will find some reasons that you have nothing to care about or induldge about unnecessarily.

  • "That I don't like this guy because he/she wears such kind of clothes."
Then, I start making reasons in name of improvement,
  • "This guy always complains and condemn about everyone. So,  I don't like him/her."
And, then I will try to justify that I am talking for the improvement.
It can also come in the reason list, 
  • "That, this guy has not done anything bad to me. But still,  I don't like him/her."
Then, we try to name these things as wrong vibes.... Negative vibes coming through that person. (But, where did my vibes go after you see that person. Why did your vibes just not control over his negative vibes, That his hatred or negative vibes were so strong, that my LOVE vibes went paralyzed..??

Then, finally people the so called HATE LIST is finally done.
But, now please try to cut names one-by-one from the list.

  • "That, this guy stole my 5000 bucks. Perhaps, he might be in some dire need for the amount. Let it be, I should just cut the name. Perhaps there would have been some helplessness for which he took it. He might need it. Stole it. Took it. Just let go. Wonder what problems he might be going through. He is not a bad person from inside, though."
  • "This guy insulted me in front of eveyone. Gosh. Perhaps, he might be having high BP or perhaps went through some problems at home. Don't know perhaps his boss scolded him. Let go, forgive him."
  • "I just don't like his/her face. Oh god, what hatred have I started to go through. His face. He did not madeit himself, rather it is god gifted or genetically determined. Who am I to feel hatred for it."
  • " This guy,I just dont like him/her for no reason. So, what is his fault in that. He did not do anything wrong. But, still why am I induldged in those negative feelings."
  • "This guy always complains and condemn about everyone. So,  I don't like him/her." ( He condemns and you are hating the guy. Where does the difference lie? I just hate him/her because he talks negative..?? Let go, FORGIVE him. LET GO..!! I should better worry about me not worry to improve others.)
  • Negative vibes coming through that person. (But, where did my vibes go after you see that person. Why did your vibes just not control over his negative vibes, That his hatred or negative vibes were so strong, that my LOVE vibes went paralyzed..?? Why did my love vibes loose over him.
People just believe, that slowly and gradually single name on the list decreases. The space created by emptying these hatred feelings from our minds, will only be filled by LOVE.. PURE L-O-V-E... And in that you will find such purity, such happiness that I am the most happiest person on this Earth that I JUST DON'T FEEL ANYONE AS BAD. I do not percept anyone as bad. My HATE LIST has finally turned ZERO."

All of the things I have explained you right now, the  explanation for that lies in just one word... LOVE
There is also an quotation,

"Love is God. And, God is Love."
Why is it said so?
Just think for a moment, the one you love, you like his everything. You like him. You accept his attitude and behaviour. And, wonder if this LOVE is established with eveyone. Everyone will seem good and nice. Isnt't it? The one you establish LOVE, how much time do you take to forgive his mistakes. Just fractions of time. Like a mother does not feels mistakes of his son as mistakes. and let go by saying that "He is just a small child. How does it matter?". This is because there is deep LOVE between mother and child. And the oe you LOVE, there is a sense of trust too, even if the erson betrays, still we find excuses to forgive that person.
The solution too all things is LOVE. (As explained in previous blog post)


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