Recently I was having a conversation with my mother when suddenly she started remembering my and my brother's childhood. 📞

Remembering the few childhood memories that my mind has managed to store , I realized that I do not remember much of my childhood. 😳😵

It's not like I do not know anything about my childhood. Perhaps, I know a lot about my childhood.All thanks to my reliable sources-Grandparents and other relatives.
But, I don't think I can count it in- I- REMEMBER-IT LIST. 
It majorly falls under the- THEY-REMEMBER- IT LIST. 
which they definitely should because I was their favorite child, ha ha. 😂😀.

This is ironical because I am quiet an observant person .....or maybe at-least I consider myself as *observant*......or Maybe I developed my skills later and my mind was on hibernation all of my childhood. It can be anything.

But there's this one memory of my childhood which is effectively embossed into my cerebrum.
It's Clear and sharp as a CRYSTAL ! This clear that I can still *feel* the memory.

Life was different when I was small.I was the most free person of my family yet I was given the royal treatment as if I am the boss. It was exciting.
Almost on every weekend, they took me to the back side of the airport. Along that wall, I remember, dad use to park the car and help me climb up on the roof of it.
Standing on the roof of the car , I knew, my favorite part is soon gonna come. That thrill , that thunderous feeling in my heart when an airplane used to pass just above my head is still unexplainable. That sight, that immensely loud noise, Damn ! 💖😍

OH MY GOD ! It was fabulous.
It used to scare me so much but on the same time it made me so-so happy. I could have spent hours there sitting or standing onto the roof for just bumping into that feeling.

This mixed thrilling happiness moment is one thing that I will never forget.

which is Ironical , as I said previously.

On 13th June 2018 , my observation skills were again challenged. And this time as the date suggests- I was old enough to blame it on anything. We went for a family vacation to a hillside.
The twist is that 7 years ago we visited the same hill station and resided in the resort which was just adjacent to our latest resort. While my real brother and  my cousin sister, who are 6 and 8 years younger than me respectively remembered as minor details as the name of the cottages over there , I remembered nothing !🙈🙉🙊
They told me incidences , funny moments,  and everything possible. It took me a little while to re-remember things which were long lost in my brain.

That day I wondered how they managed to remember such intricate details and more than this I wondered - Why I didn't remember anything ?...😳

MY BETTER SELFThese two particular things made me realize one thing .

💙  As a child, we have a very strong observation skill.
We imbibe everything into us. We treat the world as if everything is new for us , because it actually is! 💙
Small things amazes us and big things - can't even imagine what it means to a child.

As we grow, we already have seen so much and experienced so much that we start ignoring things, ignoring moments. Suddenly many things which had a WOW factor become just OK. ⌛⏳

This change comes unintentionally most of the time. And not to forget the influence the virtual social life have on us. I would not touch that topic because it's not my point of interest right now.
7 years back I was not fond of my phone this much, probably because it was not as smart as this one is, but I still didn't remember many moments.


  • What if we start reminding ourselves of that spectacular observation skills we still have in our soul.
  • What if we start paying some intentional attention to the moments we spend on   our holiday or wherever.
  • What if we start appreciating those little moments...

- What if  ???...........

You might gather some yours- *airplane-over- the-head* moments  ! 😁😇💛🎁

( PS - Remember how I said I was my families favorite child ? Well I am the eldest, so I was the only child in the family that time . There weren't any options for them anyway expect me ...and me  ! 😁😂😎 )

Toodles  !



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  1. I look back on my childhood in the south of Cali and recall mainly the corrupting call of the East Coast, spending years wishing I had lived in Jersey. Now I look back, and I am disgusted by the whiny, entitled little brat I was. There is no moment in life more horrible than the one where you realize your parents were right.

  2. Being a single child has its perks and pit falls... Many of us become ignorant of our beautiful surroundings. .. Like looking at the stars an little longer..... Cherishing the sunset..... Or enjoying one's own company... Mundane routine kills the essence if life.. .So dont forget to escape throu


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