Darkness - A Necessary Evil

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How are you all..? All must be very well and if it isn't, then it's goin' to.

It's been a long since I got the chance to share something with Y'all. Okay, so here I start with my blog. So, have you ever wondered why a bulb shines so bright? Or putting the question in simple words; why does light shine so bright?

The answer to this question can vary from person to person.
For me, it's because of the presence of darkness, If there is no darkness, would we be able to differentiate between bright and dark.??? Would we be able to appreciate the good moments?? Will we cherish the moments in the similar way as we celebrate after the span of darkness!?? Would we able to respect and value the good moments??

 I think darkness is a necessary type of evil.

Darkness - A Necessary Evil

There are some moments in which a dark nature or the dark character can help us differentiate between what is good and what is bad for the sake of us.

For example, How do we consider anything to be a magic or a miracle? Only in a dark situation or a dark phase of life, when something good happens, it is considered to be a miracle. So, in such a way, we can get inspired by so many things we can't even imagine. Now, don't get me wrong by considering being dark is always a good thing. NO!! It just gives us an opportunity to see things from a different perspective. To appreciate the good things we have with us. To cherish and have gratitude for what we have. In short, it's a type of friendly reminder.

You find a beam of inspiring light at the end of the dark creepy tunnel. As the light shines, it shows us the way towards a positive and successful life. You have to be strong, have faith and be determined so that the demons (negative people) will try to pull you in their black hole, pulling you away from light; sucking all of the light.
You have to fight them on your own. You need to have faith. You need to stay strong, stay determined keeping the end goal as a reminder of why you started.

Darkness - A Necessary Evil

Think about your goal each and every day. Visualize your life in that way. Feel that way. Be inspired by other people. Have gratitude for all of those around you. There is a lesson to learn from each and every being, thing or circumstance. You just need to develop that vision to look in that direction.
And, don't you ever think low of yourself. You are beautiful. You are amazing. You are meant to achieve high goals in your life. You are one of a kind, and no one can replace you.

Be yourself.

Cherish life.
Live each and every moment✨

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