Mental Diet Challenge

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Mental Diet Challenge
    I have been reading the book, Awaken The Giant Within by Tony Robbins, and had come across the section called The 10 Day Mental Diet Challenge. Dr. Emmet Fox designed this Mental Diet Challenge. Dr. Emmet Fox (July 30, 1886 - August 13,1051) was a new thought teacher, author, healer, and minister. He taught and encouraged millions of people around the globe with his golden keys of health, inner peace and success books and pamphlets.

The challenge is that for the next 10 days, beginning immediately, commit to taking full control of all your mental and emotional ranges by deciding right now that you will not indulge in or dwell on any unresourceful thoughts or emotions for 10 consecutive days.

It sounds easy, doesn't it? But those who begin it frequently realise how often their brains are engaged in non-productive, fearful, worrisome, or destructive thinking.
Mental Diet Challenge
Why would we indulge continually in thoughts and patterns that create continuous stress in our lives? The answer is simple- We actually think it helps! But, if you have thought over the topic, you would realise that whatever gone is gone. The ship has sailed. For instance- if you missed an opportunity, you missed it. There is nothing the state of worry can help you with. Still, we continue to persist in the state, as we believe that worry will get us to do something- like take action. But, the truth is that worry usually puts a person in an extremely unresourceful emotional state. It doesn't empower us to take action, but rather it makes overwhelm with frustration or fear making us miss the doors of other big opportunities which have been opened. Ultimately a great loss.!!!
Mental Diet Challenge

The subject of dieting is one of the foremost topics of present-day in the public interest. When you are on diet and you notice yourself overeating, you say to yourself, "Enough is Enough. I draw the line here." Similarly, this course is referred to as "Mental" Dieting. It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life. It is the thoughts you allow yourself to think, the subjects that you allow your mind to dwell upon, which make you and your surroundings what they are. THE RIGHT FOOD FOR YOUR THOUGHT! 

The thoughts that we dwell upon are the forces that act on our life. It is the environment that shapes our thought. If you are in a bad mood, you will dwell on it. And, You cannot change the environment without changing your mind. So, we definitely need to filter thought process with mental diet program- MIND OVER MATTER! 
We are transformed by renewing our minds.
 This will be exceedingly difficult for the first few days, but if you persevere you will find that it will become rapidly easier. Remember, our goal is not to ignore the problems of life, but to put ourselves in better mental and emotional states where we can not only come up with solutions but act upon them.
Mental Diet Challenge

"When I first considered going on Fox mental Diet, I believed staying positive would hurt. After all, I had been positive in past, and my expectations weren't met. I had felt devastated. Eventually, though, I found that by changing my focus I was able to take more control of my life by avoiding the problem state and immediately focusing on solutions. My requests for inner answers were quickly met when I was in a resourceful state." -Tony Robbins

Some would say, " If I don't worry about my problems, won't they get out of control?" Ten days of focusing entirely on solutions, on what's great in life, on what works and how lucky you are will not make your problems worse. But it will instantly break the state of worry and get you on the solutions side.
In life, never spend more than 10 percent of your time on the problem, and spend at least 90 percent of your time on the solution. 
Most important, Don't sweat the small stuff... and remember, it's anyways the small stuff. .

So. lastly, I would be explaining you the rules of the challenge now.
Mental Diet Challenge

A word of caution🕱-- Don't begin this 10-day challenge unless and until you are certain that you are going to live by it for the full length of time.

Mental Diet ChallengeRule 1- In the next 10 consecutive days, refuse to dwell on any unresourceful thoughts or feeling. Refuse to indulge in any disempowering questions or devitalizing vocabulary or metaphors.

Mental Diet ChallengeRule 2- When you catch yourself beginning to focus on the negative - you immediately will-  snap yourself out of it and change your thinking or state. You can do this by asking an empowering question, such as “What's great about this?” or “What else could this mean?”. Or you can reframe any negative thoughts that come up, for example, if you catch yourself saying “I suck”, you would replace it with, “I'm awesome!” I have also mentioned some of the powerful techniques in a blog post, Why can't we just stay positive??. If you are hurt by someone, you can refer to this blog post for help references, Benefit of Doubt.

Mental Diet Challenge
Rule 3- For the next 10 consecutive days,be certain that you completely focus on solutions and not problems that you face in life. The minute you see a possible challenge, immediately focus on what the solution could be. 

Mental Diet Challenge

Rule 4-  If you backslide- that is, if you 
catch yourself indulging in or dwelling on an unresourceful thought or feeling- don't beat yourself up. There's no problem with this as long as you change immediately. However, if you continue to dwell on unresourceful thoughts or feelings for more than a minute, you must wait until the following morning to restart the ten days over. The goal of this program is 10 consecutive days without holding or dwelling on a negative thought or state. This starting-over process must happen no matter how many days in a row you've already accomplished the task.

Mental Diet ChallengeRule 5- Write a  daily journal before sleep at night, so that you can remind yourself of your accomplished progress. (I have attached a google form link along with this to enable you to share your progress with other enlightened ones, to inspire others to take the challenge.)

When I first attempted the 10 Day Mental Challenge, it took me several weeks before I was able to go to 10 consecutive days. It was much more difficult than I thought. But, successful attempt gave me a tremendous, lifelong pattern of staying in positive emotional states, even when you are going through the challenges, guiding my energy to solutions.

Mental Diet Challenge
Takeaways from this program

You will be acutely aware of the habitual mental and emotional patterns that are holding you back.

2. It will give you an incredible sense of confidence as you can see that can turn your life around you in an instant.
3. It will make your brain search for empowering alternatives.
4. Most importantly, it will create new habits, new standards, and new expectations that will help you expand more than you could ever believe.

Mental Challenge Blueprint

Rule 1- No unresourceful thought or feeling. REFUSE
Rule 2- CHANGE focus from negative.
- Problem-solving questions
- Morning/Evening Power Questions
Rule 3- Focus on SOLUTION
Rule 4- 1minute negative thought. RESTART
Rule 5- NOTE day at night

If you're ready to start the Challenge, fill-up the form here-

Post a comment below to make your commitment public along with filling up the google form. This will help make you stay accountable and show your level of commitment to complete it.
For anyone that is reading this, I commit to completing the 10 Day Mental Diet Challenge!

To the Best of us,
 Wish you love,

Takeaways from this program


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