Salt (Expectations) - Use it wisely according to the taste of your life

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Expecting is a very natural part of human nature, and saying "don't expect" is just easy, not realistic. If you find yourself keeping expectations, accept that, don't beat yourself over it. So, I will continue with my last topic, i.e. EXPECTATIONS, which I will be replacing term by salt....
The key is not to not have expectations, but to manage them well. Your expectations should always be accompanied by a realistic assessment of the possibility that they will get fulfilled.
For that, you need to have a fair and realistic analysis of the person you are expecting from.
For that, you need to give time.
Despite the hue and cry over first impressions, it is foolish to base your expectations on them. In fact, I would restate that as - due to the hue and cry over first impressions, it is foolish to base your expectations on them. People really care what (first) impression they make on you, and in the process, often fake or distort their real selves. Expecting from something far away from reality is only going to end badly.
Informed expectations which build over time, or, which are built over time, are the hardest to handle. Such expectations, even though they are well-informed and reasonable, are not fulfilled because people change, situations change, and sometimes, even you change.
It will help if you look at it this way - an expectation is a dynamic element asking for a static situation from multiple dynamic elements. Here, the two elements at both ends - the one who expects and the one who is expected from - are dynamic, i.e. ever changing. This means that the chance of the static situation being influenced/distorted/destroyed/transformed by changes on either or both sides is very strong. As a result, the chances that the static situation will materialise/sustain in the original/conceived/desirable form are very weak.
Essentially, this means that it helps to realise that expectations are best managed with a pinch of salt, i.e. the knowledge that the possibility of them being met is weak and not to be relied upon. Etch that firmly on your brain and your heart. Firmly.

The gap between the reality and the expectation creates trouble in your recipe of life.... So, expect according to the taste of the situation and you are gonna have a smooth life... But make sure that the expectation should be neither less nor more according to the situation else the lif can become more salty....

Your expectations should always be backed up with an alternate, "save the self" plan. If you are expecting your boss to give you a pay raise, start managing your money well (what if he doesn't?). If you are expecting your boyfriend to propose marriage, start preparing mentally to propose him (in case he doesn't), or even support yourself (in case he refuses and breaks up). If you are expecting your parents to pay hefty tuition for university abroad, start looking for scholarships (in case they can't/don't). This isn't pessimism - this is being realistic. You hope for (or expect) the best but always, always prepare for the worst.

Note, this does not mean that you should keep no expectations. If you do not keep expectations in all kinds of relationships, you will not be able to build a strong bond in either of them. If you do not keep expectations at work, you will be walked over. Keeping expectations is important if you want to establish your personality, make your presence felt, keep your self-respect and dignity, and move ahead in all areas of life. It is only when your expectations remain unmanaged that they start creating obstacles in your progress.

High or low expectations are too much. If you have high expectations, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. If you have low expectations, you are setting yourself up for mediocracy. If you have no expectations you are open to whatever comes.
When you love somebody, you have a lot of expectations. You want love to be everything you expect it to be. Love will never be what you expect it to be. Love always blows away your expectations. Love will let you fly and it will slam you into the dirt. If you love somebody, just love. Don’t expect anything.
If you don’t expect anything you are ready for anything. If the person you love loves you, rejoice. If the person you love loves somebody else, rejoice. That is true love. If you can love that well, love will always work for you.
If you fly, fly. If you are in the dirt, dig. If you are in love, love. That is enough........


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