Acceptance 2

Hello Lifectioners,,


Well another lines from religious scriptures..

Lets just start accepting things as they are...
Well the meaning of the above lines are-
Whatever you do i should consider it to be the sweet one and the best I am getting.
Well, another benefit of acceptance is that, the anxieties of life end up here. There will be no anxieties if I start accepting things up.
The suspense elements are over. "OH GOD! IS THIS THING GOING TO HAPPEN OR NOT??" ; "IS THE PERSON GOING TO SHOW UP OR NOT..?" The thing will happen if it is destined to happen. The person will show up, if he is destined to show up.. 
Where is the problem..?? 

When we have understood that everything is happening for my good then what is the problem.. Why blame anybody else.?? Why shall we praise someone or blame anyone.?? Its all happening for my good. whatever the universe is doing, its best for me and no one other than the almighty can do best for me. The almighty who has made this whole universe with a plan, then there would be certain plan made for me too. Then we will start to believe whatever is happening is happening for my good and its the best i can get.. Who knows the thing I am asking for is good for me or not. It all is in the plan of the almighty. A small child desire for many stuff, right..? But we know that giving the thing desired by the child is good or not..

If we wish something, and things begin to happen and the universe starts its job for granting us the thing we desire. And while its working, sometimes it goes against our will and thinking, then why we just loose our trust on the universe. We should accept it whatever the universe is doing..

Let me explain it with an example-
I go to a doctor with injured toe. And the doctor says that the poison will spread to whole body if we do not cut out the toe. I will think of getting another opinion from few more doctors. And when they agree with the situation, I say, "Ohkay fine! Cut the toe and save me..."
I believe in the doctor blindly. It can be that the medical science that the doctor is following may be wrong. It can be that the doctor misunderstood the reports. I just trust doctor.
When I can just blindly trust the doctor(who is just a human being who may have done some errors, or there may be some faults), then why can't I trust the almighty if such things happen..
I pray to the supreme power, the almighty that I too might get this will of accepting things as they are and wish same for you all..

So, start working on the recipe of ACCEPTANCE lifectioners... :)
Hoping the best for you all...


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