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Hello Lifectioners,,

Well, firstly I would like to apologise for a loooong break from my so-called scheduled tasty recipes. Uhmmm.. Cutting story short, was busy to control the recipe of my life, which got slight more of heat burning the dish.. :p Plus some more salty..

Well, what would life be if it stays constant without challenges. Challenges are supposed to be part of life. And LIFE and DEATH are part of being, part of a process that goes on... One should not loose hope on DEATH & neither should get too excited for LIFE that you loose your own control. Neither should you take LIFE lightly..

Live LIFE to the full extent enjoying every small part of LIFE coz you never know, some day you realise that those were the moments to be lived upon with a little more ENTHUSIASM

Finally with God's good grace, I am here back here and probably better than I was and ready to try to bring some more tasty dishes with you fine people who are willing to get your life alligned and willing to work on it... (And, believe me, I really meant it, else you would not be here studying this article)

And as my profession is DENTISTRY. I would say that if a tooth is decayed, try to save it as soon as possible with proper restorations. And if the caries has reached too deep up affecting your pulp, perform a Root Canal Treatment for the same. And if it still doesn't work up, do the Extraction and save yourself from spread of infection into yourself, and get an implant instead. An implant is better than an affected teeth... 
NEGATIVITY is that carie on your tooth, caused due to food deposition leading to invasion by micro-organisms causing tooth decay..
Similar way, negativity is harmful in your life. It is that carie caused due to deposition of wrong attitude to circumstances occuring in your life... Negative emotions, Negative feelings, Negative attitude, Negative, Negative, Negative...... Don't just focus on the NEGATIVE Word.. Oops, I just realised that I'm currently more focusing on this word.. :p Anyways, we all are humans, and what a Human would be if he does not do mistakes, but for which realisation is essential.. Realisation and acceptance of this thing is a must to move on further.. :)

 Do proper treatment for the same, and start to open up your mind and Live a Healthy Life.. :)
And then, accept circumstances as it comes with a positive attitude... :) 
Will make life much more easier.. :)
And in the process, don't miss to LIVE the LIFE..!!!

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