Speak whilst angry and make the best speech to regret

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Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you'll ever regret.

We have come across quite a many quotations on anger,. We tend to read it, try to apply it and even though might apply to an extent.. But slowly, gradually, wooosh... Wooff.. We again tend to forget it.. According to me, for a better learning and recall memory for our brains it is really very much essential to learn value after you experience it in real life or from a story as it gives a really nice visual memory...
So here is a story this time to better well adapt to your visual memory for a better recall and better help you to treat while you are angry..!!

Once, there was a 12 or 13 year old boy with a very short temper and used to get very angry at jut little things. One day, his dad gave him handful of nails and asked him to hammer a nail on the nearby tree everytime he gets angry.

On the very first  day, the buy hammered 30 nails on the tree. In the next few weeks, he learnt to manage anger, and now he used tohammer just one or 2 nail each day. He learnt that, instead of hammering nail each time, it is quite easy to take control on your anger. Instead of taking charge with your anger, it is quite easy to calm yourself down and take charge on your anger. And finally, one day too came when he did not hammered any nail on the tree.
Then, his dad asked his son to take put all the nails he hammered in the tree. The boy with lots of effort took out all the nails. He needed to work real hard in tiring job of taking out all the nails. After taking out all the nails, when he went to his dad to inform him about the completion of the job, his dad took the boy near the tree again with him.
Then, his dad started to speak, “My dear! You really did a very nice job. You took out all the nails….. But, can you see various holes in the tree trunk..?? Now this tree is not as beautiful as it used to be..!!!! Similarly, every time you are angry you leave these kind of marks on other person’s mind too. Every time you get angry, you embed some nails leaving deep scars and marks on other person’s heart and mind. 

If you stab someone with a knife, even apologizing a 1000 times would not heal the wound. The wound will still remain. Similarly, don’t do anything by your actions -or- speech -or- heart that you would have to regret your life for the action.!!

Similarly just don't roam around hurting hearts and breaking them. Instead think constructively and play an important role in maintaining the beauty of nature of hearts...!!!


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