Glint of hope

Since our existence, we are taught that everything is beautiful. That the dad's princess will find her hero riding on the horse, that we live in a world where everything is in resonance with our expectations. Where everything around us, was just perfect before us and will remain perfect forever. Where the castles we make and the goals we set for our future are linked with the most beautiful crayon.

But barely had we known that things would not be so perfect for us all the time. We missed out to put the happiness with imperfect things. We were never taught that these beautifully perfect things could always come to an end, that perfect life is a myth. I may sound pessimistic, but hey hold on; the ray is still to arrive in here. A phase of life, we all go through where things are not perfect, where we find ourselves alone, when we fail to make decisions and find it hard to ask anybody about it.

At that moment, in that very moment sit back, take a breath. When you cannot find hope when you cannot fix the problem and things seem to go down, at that point relax, don't stop! Just lay low to regain the valour lost and energy radiated. Never think to be quiet; never allow your brain fool you that nobody's going to understand. Never succumb to the bad vibes.

The gap between the ideal world and the real world is not a footstep away, but believe me, you can build a bridge and be there. Nothing comes easily in this world I agree, but then gain without pain is like a victory without triumph. But it’s exactly not how we pursue it. In the game called life you can only control yourself and not the situations or conditions around you, so make sure, to not to blame yourself while it's not you who is to be blamed. When we feel lost and dejected at that moment the decision we make is crucial. At that time the world seems crushing down to us, mind pull up horrible stories, but all you need to do is survive. Think of beautiful times in the past, and think of probabilities of fortune in the future.


 Every problem, every despair is mortal. It would vanish away with time, so believe in all that's good and never let your guard down. For, sometimes life gives you battles my friend, and only the brave flourishes to the best it has to offer. The best escape is talking to your friends and people who care. A simple worthy talk can do wonders beyond your imagination. This time don't press the backspace, close your eyes and press the send button. Share, and see the burden get divided. In today’s world everyone is struggling, better help them. Choose your actions cautiously for you never know their consequences. Be the change you want to see. Be kind and humble, people need love not hatred. Live and let live, that's how we would create the world of our dreams. Try to make the imperfect things perfectly fine to be happy for.

 Don’t forget to fuel your faith.



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