DeaR DiaRy

By the time I post it.. I will be off to Mussoorie... The queens of hill !

It was Saturday when I experienced it. 
Saturday - The home-coming day for us delhiite(s). 

Here it goes... 

I am sitting in CCD at shubash nagar, waiting  for my best friend to arrive. Like any other saturday, this saturday is special. But, Its more special because its the beginning of 'Summer Vactions'. 
Wheather a kindergarten child or a college  student , Summer vacations will always remain as that special pampering session we recieve at a Salon OR as that chocolate tip of a cornetto ! yum ! ❤️

Ok!  so,  back to CCD.... 
It's totally strange how I am enjoying my solidarity.... ( with earphones on and a novel in my hand )  
Instead of that conscious feeling I always experience in crowd... 
I am relaxed !
I am that annoying person who will   even for waiting 5 minutes ! 
It feels like my book is my weapon and there is no one around.. 
I never ever experienced this peace in public! 
There's no sign of any other thoughts
No sign of  hesitation
No sign of  rolling head ! 

I am pretty much... CONFIDENT ! 
Its the first time I have seen *this* side of ME ..! 

I could have gone home 
It's just 10 minutes away
but I decided to wait. Wait for like 1 WHOLE HOUR.....!! 
I am having my breakfast and reading a little
and it's turning out to be... magical..! flashy ! 

The book complements my mood like its made for me.. 
and now I realise , 
The moment was meant to be.. ❤️❤️❤️

You know why I felt so good...
 Because of the novel.. 
I was so indulge into each and every word

 I would so like to share it with you today because each and every word touched my soul ! 

Seems like I have written them.. :) 

Seems like my subconscious is talking to my consciousness... 

Its...  *The Zahir* .... 

The author is having a deep conversation with his fellow mate  (  who is in love with him ) 
The author's wife has left him.. without any reason.. without any warning.. just vanished one day ! 

Still not sure whether it was purposely done or she will return and he is confused ! 
Although he is such a renowned spiritual writer. 
His books answers every question.... 
helped many ! 
but today,  he is himself so helpless... 

and this is how beautiful was his reply... 👇
( Even if i do not decode it.. you will understand :)  )

~~~~ " What is the truth then ? How is it that you can pass on to your readers things that are beyond your own knowledge ?'

'They're not beyond my knowledge. Everything's that written in my books is the part of my soul, part of the lessons I've learned throughout my life, and which I try to apply to myself. I'm a reader of my own books. They show me things that I already knew, even if only unconsciously. ' 

and later on in the novel........ 

Become conscious of THREE IMPORTANT THINGS

  1. As soon as people decide to confront a problem, they realize that they are far more capable than they though they were. 
  2.  All energy and all knowledge come from       the *same* unknown cause, which we usually called - GOD !
  3. No one is alone in their troubles; there are    always someone else thinking, rejoicing or    suffering in the same way, and that gives us strength to confront the challenge       before us.'

and as the CHERRY ON THE CAKE... 😊😊

~~~ If there's suffering, then it's best to accept it, because it won't go away just because you pretend it's not there. ~~~
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