Meditation- The easiest way without any strange positions or incense

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  • Did this happen with you too, that whilst sitting with your friend/partner, though you are physically present, but you are mentally somewhere else?

  • Though you are physically in class, but mentally living in either past or future?

  • Though, physically at job but mentally lost in the problems of life.?
  • Is your mind always busy thinking? What is your mind always busy with? Is it thoughts about past, future, judging someone, overthinking, criticizing someone, being jealous of someone, thinking ill of someone, etc.
  • Is your mind always occupied?

And Yes! There can be plenty more examples in a similar fashion.

So, your next question might be, WHAT SHOULD I DO TO GET RID OF THIS??

Yes, my friend, the answer is MEDITATION.


Someone once asked Buddha sceptically, “What have you ever gained through meditation.”The Buddha replied, “Nothing in the least .”Then, Blessed One, what good is it.”Let me tell you what I lost through meditation: sickness, anger, depression, insecurity, the burden of adulthood , the fear of death. That is the great of meditation, which results in nirvana.”
Like, we train our muscles so that they work better in a more energetic way
MEDITATION, similarly, you also need to train your mind. And the importance of rest after vigorous

exercise that helps to build up your body more for later workouts.

So, when was the last time you spent some time doing nothing. No emailing, no texting, no thinking about past/future, not even planning the future. Just nothing.

The mind that you rely upon through entire life for every task you do, every emotion you go through, every vital processes your body does voluntarily/ involuntarily. 

Your mind is one of the organs that work from the very moment, you are born and keeps on working till you die. You also need to train your mind to rest and relax, so you need to train your mind to calm and relax for it to work better. We spend lots of our time to take care about your worldly things such as your car, your dress, your shoes, your hair. But, we do not even get 10 minutes in a day to spend time on polishing and taking care of our mind. 


Once you empty yourself, you become Nothing; which will enable space for everything in your life.

It is the utmost step for creating awareness. You need to be aware of your surroundings. But, instead we are just lost in some kind of virtual world. And with the power of meditation, if you go anywhere in the world, the thing will automatically reveal to you. These things might not show to others, as they are living in feelings of past, future, etc. But, you can see it.

And, once you achieve that state, YOU WILL START FOCUSING ON PRESENT. The present moment is so underrated and ordinary that we have lost the focus on it. But, after time passes, with all proofs and evidences we find that the present moment was the only important moment. It was only the moment which was worth living. So why not you get that realisation now? Why don't you start focusing on the PRESENT? It will help you overcome all your miseries too. And, will bring feelings of happiness, hope, contentment, & satisfaction.

You need to learn the art of being NOTHING, to be everything.


"Just awareness of what it is, is important." 
"Be available for what IS, not what SHOULD be!"

You don't need to force yourself to anything while in meditation. Even, it is also said that there is not just a single kind of posture in which meditation can be only done. You can practice this, whilst sitting on a bed, chair or anything convenient for you.

And, when you sit for meditation, you will realize the prison, which you had always been trapped into. Your mind is always busy with some of the other kind of thoughts, like, thoughts about past, future, judging someone, overthinking, criticizing someone, being jealous of someone, thinking ill of someone, etc. etc. The energy you waste in these thoughts, consume the useful precious energy that you should be ideally spending in this present moment to make your life wonderful.

But if an anxious thought pops up, your mind tends to wander about it and drift your focus on anxiety. And you retry to regain your focus and then again, it drifts you towards anxiety. Slowly, you tend to become anxious. Then, you become anxious about becoming anxious. That's what our normal mind does. But, what we need to do is just being an OBSERVER.


Be an observer of your thoughts. Observe them come & go, but do not think about them.

And whilst thinking these thoughts, you also tend to miss the important precious present moments that are worth living and they won't be coming back again, no matter how much money or energy you spend to get them back. While you sit for meditation, thoughts might come, but you don't need to think about it. Let thoughts come, they will come and go away. You neither need to focus on removing/eliminating these thoughts. Just be an observer of what is, without judging anything.

So the steps for a simple easy meditation for everyone are-

1. Find a place either on the bed or chair or anything convenient.

2. You can also set up an alarm clock starting from 10 minutes per day to increase it slowly as a few weeks progress. (This would serve the purpose of removing the anxiety of time)

3. Sit there, keeping your back straight.

4. Start observing on what is present.

(Don't think anything about it. Thoughts might come and if it come, let them come. But don't think anything about it. They will go away on its own. We don't need to think actively about it. Some examples can be-

i. Feel the fragrance of the room.

ii. Observe the sound of the fan.

iii. Observe any sound/focus on your inner breath sound.)


And, if you are available for anything you have, that is the true meaning of LOVE. Is it not?? Being available for what it is, is called LOVE. You can check about LOVE in my earlier blog post.

Even the biggest problem, would not even be a problem for you, if you JUST sit at a place and meditate.

History is evident that, biggest of the biggest discoveries have been done by scientists whilst doing nothing like Newton & the gravity, Stephen Hawking & the big bang theory, etc.

So, summing up, SPEND 10 MINUTES EACH DAY ON TRAINING YOUR MIND BY DOING NOTHING. Add this habit to your To-Do List and see miracles happen in your life

Keep meditating.

It might get difficult sometimes to meditate, but practice persistence.

Practice makes the man perfect. And, it is with practice that you will learn to break your boundaries and slowly, gradually will learn to stabilize your mind. If it's quite too difficult for you, start by practising 2 minutes a day and slowly increase the time duration weekly.

"Keep on keeping on, till the day flees in and shadow breaks away."

In my next article, I will inform you about 100 benefits of meditation and the time of day you might prefer for meditating.

With all my love,


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    Amazing tips & tricks

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