The Phoenix


I will start this with an example imagine if anybody had an accident and their body is in crisis, at that point what our body does is sends the blood to the vital organs so that we can survive.

Similarly, if you think that that you simply are during a crisis, which will be emotionally or psychologically your main focus should be to send all the energy to the important aspects of your life, and focus it on all the aspects which are close to your heart. The vital organs of your life are the people whose place is irreplaceable and not only people holds this place, it's well shared together with your hobby. In a crisis, your minds wander and think of all the negative thoughts, at that time it is essential to stop thinking because negativity will only harm you and do nothing productive. At that time thinking positive would be very difficult, therefore the best choice is to prevent thinking and put all of your attention in whatever you wish to try to to , it may be singing, dancing, reading or even watching a movie. By doing this your mind will get time to relax and redistribute the revived energy to the opposite organs.


The Phoenix must burn to emerge.

Doesn’t matter if your efforts do not show immediate positive outcomes have faith and remember a wall cannot be built by a single brick. For the wall to be strong there should be several persistent efforts which piles one over another to make an impactful change in you.


When we dream of glory and strive to realize it, very often we lose grip on the motivation with time. The spark begins to vanish en route. In that situation, you should think about all the harmony and purpose your goal brings in your life, and never contemplate on the things which you have to give up in the process. You should refrain your brain from wandering onto the negatives, and think that however small your achievement or goal could also be , it'll push you to realize more and ultimately, will take you one leap closer to your destination. Work for the joy of pain that you get from a fruitful day, the relax full sleep after a working day. Work for that pain that provides you joy, it'll keep your faith ignited.



Half of the dreams are not achieved because of the fear of failure, so for this remember to keep your ears cold to the negative thoughts. No one can tell you that your dream is too small or cannot be achieved. Have faith in yourself and continue the spirit to steer on the untrodden path, tons of blissful moments are waiting to be revealed.

As the same medicine does not always work similarly on everyone, similarly each circumstance does not give the same throbbing to all. Don’t compare your achievements with anyone else because something's that brings joy to you, may not be valuable for someone else. Everyone is different, everyone's journey, the roller coaster of joy and sorrows are different, which only belongs to your discovered path. Every creature is beautiful and its beauty is unique which can not be compared on a scale of 100 and neither it can be equated to the masses.

Be the best version of you


The strength lies within you, it's proven at the time when equally of you wants to offer up but that tiny voice which says “don’t hand over come on champ” Keep you pushing and surfing through the large challenging waves.

Not everything that happens in your life is easy to deal and not every step towards your goal is a pie because remember only champions are selected for the toughest battle.

The magic of the unblemished soul is still left to cast its spark.



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