Benefit of Doubt

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Benefit of positive doubt of what 

could be,

can save you from all

the nuisance in your mind.

-Aman Khurana

Benefit of Doubt. Yes. If doubt is used for a benefit, it works great. Okay, so let me explain you guys my today's topic briefly with a story.


Let's suppose me and my friend are sitting at a place, discussing the topic about why my friend hates a third person naming JACK. My friend tells me that, I just hate JACK as he always talks rudely and badly. Then I ask my friend to calm down and just relax. Perhaps he might be going on with some harsh times in his personal life. I tell him that, "Why does one feel bad brother? And, talkback rudely to him? What is the need to do that.?" And, I convince him with an example that if you go from a specific place where there's a dustcart throwing garbage. Why do you need to worry about the garbage? Think of the person as the garbage truck and do not even mind what he says or speaks to you." WHY DON'T YOU TRY GIVING BENEFIT OF DOUBT TOWARDS HIM."

You know what? My friend got convinced with these points.
And I felt happy and you know, ego came in me that I could make them happy. The ego developed that I convinced my friend and he got convinced and now leading a happy life, and now he is not worried about these small silly things. Ego is very subtle. So, it comes in us very easily, and makes home which is continuously expanding, slowly taking over everything in our lives including our thought process, our actions, our responses to life. And, when it breaks it makes huge noise within ourselves making us think about ourself deeply. And, my this ego too broke. And, how did it break? I will explain again by continuing my story. Thank goodness that this ego broke soon enough before it expanded any more.

Another day, I came across JACK. And, when he talked rudely with me. I was just about to respond with some of the harshest words. But, suddenly my friend showed up to greet me. See, how my ego broke. I could not speak any harsh words to JACK, as I was the only one to explain to my friend about giving BENEFIT OF DOUBT...

Moral of the story-

1. You won't consider anyone bad if you start giving the benefit of doubt.

2. You won't be thinking about someone or something for a long time, if you start giving the benefit of the doubt.

3. If we replace that person JACK with someone you love. Won't you be giving benefit of doubt to him/her? Then, Why don't you think similarly towards that person? Is he any different? He is also another living being living the life just as the person you love.


4. Ego, being very subtle enters our thought process very easily. Try to eliminate it yourself or whenever it will break sooner or later in life, will make a loud sound pushing you towards deep thought about what all steps you took wrong in EGO.

So, it is observed that we easily give the benefit of doubt to the person we love, to the person whom we adore, or feel closely attached to us, or our family member. Then, why don't We give this benefit of doubt towards other people, towards the people who say harsh things to us, to those who talk negative?


Think the BEST of EACH OTHER.

Whether your loved ones,

or you don't.


& DOUBT the BAD.

Then, see how wonderful would your life be.

I also explained similar stuff in one of my other blog post The Hate List.

And, slowly you will be able to enter the world where you would not feel bad or negative about any person when you see him. You will be just enjoying your life in another aspect. 

I would like to ask you 3 questions-

I. What is actually important? 

1.You living happily by giving benefit of doubt to the situation and forgetting it.
2.Or, continuously thinking over what happened with you and how you felt sad about it. And, continue to waste your energy and precious time that you have got in thinking similar stuff.

II. What is more important?
  1. Your happiness
  2. or, Your sadness about what the third person did to you
III. Would you
1.Or, like to forget what happened and continue to enjoy your life? (But, just make a note in your mind and just need to stay careful in future, which may be necessary. Make a note always)
2.Like to continue wasting your time on how you felt bad and any negative feeling?

If out of the above 3 questions, you got at least two answers as option 1, then you got to start using this principle and start to live your life rather than wasting your time and energy towards negativity.


Always remember, that there are always two sides to a story. One is the aspect that you are seeing and another is the aspect which you don't know about. And the aspect you don't know about is the most important of all. It is the one that is most of the times responsible for what is happening to you in the present. As, in the above story, you can see that we can only see one aspect that the person is behaving rudely. But, have you ever thought of the other side? Perhaps, he might be having some family problems. Perhaps, he might be feeling lonely and needed to attract people's attention. Perhaps, he might have been scolded by his teacher/boss. Perhaps... Perhaps. There are a lot of PERHAPS. But, it is up to you that you think of PERHAPS and stay happy, unaffected with whatever happened or you feel bad about it and continue to feel bad and negative. There are always two sides to a story. For example, what would you say about the below picture? Are there 3 logs or 4??



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