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Hello Lifectioners,,

After an extended time, finally i'm back with all new ideas. Life is all about ups and downs, and due to some health issues and other problems, distance from technology was the only way that I could restore my health up.

So, finally after thinking tons after such long break :p, I found this concept to write down about "Balloon and pin test".

Once an educator decided to show his 10 students some important lesson about life. So, he calls all his 10 students and hand them over with 10 balloons and 10 pins each.

He instructs them that, "This is a race. And whoever will have their balloon intact till the top will win the race. That person will be awarded with a special gift too.!"

So, what could have happened next??

The students without giving it another thought, start to burst each other's balloon to win the race.

Finally, in the end, NO BALLOON WAS INTACT. Everyone burst each other's balloon with the pins provided to them. And, in the flow of competition, they did not realize about their actions and just thought of pinning each other's balloon was the only option to win the race. Result of which came out as none could survive this challenge.

Then, the teacher explained, " My dear students. In the hassle of this competition, you people just did not try to think of another way to win this competition. Just because I handed you all with a balloon and a pin individually, you guys thought that I asked you to prick each other's balloon and win the race. YOU ALL WOULD HAVE WON IF NONE OF you'd HAVE PRICKED EACH OTHER'S BALLOON. WHAT I INSTRUCTED YOU WAS ONLY THAT THE PERSON WITH BALLOON TILL THE LAST WILL WIN. YOU ALL WOULD HAVE BEEN THE WINNERS. BUT within the HUSTLE BUSTLE, YOU TOOK A WRONG STEP WHICH DROWNED YOU all at once ."

Don't you think that similar is occurring with our lives too? We are just trying to pin each other's balloon without realizing about our actions and what consequences could it cause . We are just pushing one another towards misery thinking that it's the sole way that we will win the race.

But, it is not so. WE have an abundance of everything. We have an abundance of resources. WE have abundance. And, to win trying to pin and prick others, or suppress others, or push people down isn't the sole thanks to win.

We can all be the winners. We are all the winners. We don't got to pin others right down to win once we can stand hand in hand and win together.

It is also said that it's easy to interrupt 1 pencil as compared to 10 pencils together.

"There is more power in unity than division."

Nowadays, we see that people are living in misery, and jealous about the success of some or other of their relative. They are more worried about other's success than the problems in their own lives. Some person could be proud of the success of the people they do not know, but they can not resist the success of the people they know better. For example-

" A person "A" comes to me speaking that, "Mr Mukesh Ambani, has become one of the richest people in the world." The person "A" is so much happy with the success of Mukesh Ambani that now my country is developing and people are making their names in the WORLD.

But on the opposite side of the story, an equivalent person A, isn't proud of the success of his closest relatives, he's not happy that why his relative is earning more money than him?! Why has he installed a replacement AC in his house? Why is he always living happily.??"

We divide ourselves. We only create problems for ourselves.

But the solution for this is only and only LOVE.

“Love is the answer. It is also the question. Love is all that is!”

It is also said that LOVE is the solution for everything in life. It is the shortage of affection which makes people to require wrong steps in life, and cause trouble for themselves.

If you find yourself caught in any such situation,

1. Think thoughts of abundance.

2. don't react just to react in any situation. Try to chew over it for a few time before responding.

3. Do not take any judgement in anger. Do not judge in hustle-bustle.

4. attempt to keep yourself in other's shoe before responding.

5. Try thinking only positive thoughts about the people around you. Because if you have any negative thoughts about the person, it is very easy for the person to sense it.

6. Recommendations - Read the book "The Power- By Rhonda Byrne."

Be free like a balloon is. Let go off all the weights(negativity) to

fly to the highest of skies.


With all my Love,


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