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Unmagical Satisfaction πŸ‘️πŸ‘️

Things aren't difficult, neither are they easy, it’s the way we perceive it.

So many times, when our lives are hit by Gordian knot.when we put all efforts to untangle the clinched threads. We grind to place all our efforts to undergo it and shine bright, but all the sunshine goes dim.

At that time it's important to stop for a moment and think about what is going wrong. 

The answer would not come fast, but it will come eventually.

Halt must be there to find the fault.


For the items we are running in life, the items that we all want to realize , our dreams.

We link our dreams with factors, and check out to suit different puzzle pieces together.

We know that these pieces are not meant to be together. But thanks to temporary benefits from it, we never take them apart.

We need to understand the beauty of everything is different and so is the path that leads towards it.

The very common reason of failure, is we unnecessarily join the dots that are not meant to be together.

As an example sometimes when someone praises us, then that emotion pushes us forward towards achieving something big subsequent time.

But this approach is very wrong my friend.

You may achieve your goal today by adapting this habit, but eventually change is usually constant. People will not always praise you for your work, so if you took praising as a motivation to work, here it has vanished.

Now you've got no motivation to figure because your only motivation to figure was applause.

keep your dreams independent of all these things. So that alterations in any of the other fields do not hamper your growth.

The external factors will come and go, the emotions and emotions griped to them will too eventually dissolve with time. 


These applauses like gasoline will volatilize one day.

So don't depend on the external stimulus to generate that passion for your work. Those temporary feelings should not be a driving force for your prestigious dream, your dream.

The magic of the unblemished soul is still left to throw its spark.

Be true to your self, where you don't work only with your full efforts like a robot. But an area where you're employed together with your heart and efforts automatically falls in place.


In these types of a situation your growth and success is your own, you know how much, you have progressed or not over a while. If you have stepped closer to a place near your dreams.

The wings are exemplary paradigm for fearless take off.

You don't need to put any efforts or pain to work and mark my words you don't need to. What you would like is merely your heart to like what you are doing and every one the efforts will certainly come unmagically true.

Re-energise yourself and this time thinking only about your goals.

Remember clinging factors should not alter the margins of the portrait.

Hope you'll like to feel that unmagical satisfaction.


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