Think Right Towards People

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Think Right Towards People


A person either supports you willingly or doesn't supports you at all. This statement is very much true. Think right towards people and they will start to like you and support you.

Thinking right towards people is an essential part of the conversation as well as social skills. If you can't stay positive towards a person, its destined that you and him are more likely to have frequent fights, or unable to build a proper connection. 

Think Right Towards People
Lyndon B. Johnson, 

 36th U.S. President, had a schedule as follows to develop proper social skills with the person he meets. The points included-

1. Remember the name of the person.

2. Make the person talking to you comfortable in the conversation (old shoe like a person).

3. Quality to always stay relaxed and easy-going.

4. Don't be egotistical.

5. Show the quality of interest in the conversation with the person you talking to.

6. Get scratchy elements out of the conversation.

7. Attempt to heal the person you are talking. Drain his grievances and misunderstandings.

8. Practice liking people.

9. Always congratulate people around you for their successes, no matter how small they are.

10. Try to give spiritual strength.

You see, how important is liking people is, even for the president of the U.S. It is a proper tool to build quality relations.

Similarly, when you make a pleasant mark to a stranger, you make him feel better by one degree. This, ultimately makes you feel better and relaxed. Every time you say pleasant to some person, you compensate yourself.

You know why we develop some of the greatest relations with some person and fail to develop with some??

The answer lies within your thinking about the person. You see, how you tend to forget and ignore the mistakes of your loved ones. But, tend to lose temper even on the smallest of the smallest things with people you hate.

This is how, you thinking about the person, comes into play.

Think Right Towards People

A person cannot expect perfection at others. Always remember that, No person is perfect. And, the other fellow has the right to be different. If it would have been the similar kind of people in the world, wonder how would have it been. There would have been no different thoughts, apart from same monotonous thoughts and lives. And, eventually you would have died yourself of the boring life.

Don't just be a reformer.


Think Right Towards People

If we let our thinking go out of our control, we can find much to dislike about people. But, if managed properly, you will think the right qualities and finding qualities to like and admire people. Get out of the autopilot mode, and take control of your life. Your thinking had mostly started to be in autopilot mode. You need to take control of your own life. Because it is the only ONE, you are going to live. Once, it is over, there will be no replays, there will be no flashbacks, and there will be no more retakes. Make sure that you make the best out of this unique life,

Think Right Towards People

Always tune to channel positive and like thoughts will follow. There will be two channels that you are going to deal with in day to day life. There will be a positive channel and others would be a negative channel. Make sure to have a repeated checks in a day, that Which channel is it that you are tuned to? Is it the right channel to stay on? If, it is a negative channel, how can I retune myself to a positive one?

Switch away or leave any negative conversation. Make a promise to YOURSELF and never let other prejudice your thinking. Refuse it. Take control. Its time to stop waiting and keep looking. It is now time for action.

Once you have mastered the technique of thinking only good thoughts about people, greater success is guaranteed.

As, I said earlier about the quote,


Think Right Towards People

When you can't even fool a dog with your mannerisms, eye, facial expressions. Either all of them or at least one of them will explain the replica of your thoughts towards him. Even a dog can understand your emotions towards it. Then, how can a socially much-advanced machinery, i.e. humans, can be fooled. You are going to spell P-H-O-N-Y, if you try to hide those feelings. If you want to develop stronger bonds, you need to stay positive and think right towards people. 

Build a likeable image of person before talking stuff, and sooner or later he will definitely like you.

And, if another person is frustrated, let him just speak (there are certain times that a person is going through some of the hardest times, try to understand that), and stay quiet for a while till he completes speaking. Then, later, look at his eyes, and talk politely. The person is going to calm down. Do give it a try, and I am sure that it is going to work. Try more of understanding people, rather than blindly replying, as on autopilot mode. God has given you a mind to think over, a brain to judge and see things clearly. Do try giving these tools a try once, before replying.

As, I read somewhere-

"People are what we study in success lab. The more we can learn about them, their thought process, strong & weak point, why they do what, the better we are equipped to influence them the way we want."

After all, Listening always pays,

You always get something or other to learn from.

 Think Right Towards People

Directing all my love💗,

Think Right Towards People


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