Retrospecting 🚣

A child, with those gentle eyes, curling fingers and cushioning cheeks.
When that child looks around he doesn’t know, what this place holds for him? Why he is here? What are the things around him?

Uncertain about everything and still in this unknown place when he looks at his parents, he smiles. He has absolutely no clue of what is going to happen to him in the next moment.
Retrospecting 🚣

The beauty that he still holds, that curve on his face when his father throws him up, there is unspoken faith in him that his father will hold him back. Uncertain about all his surroundings and all the tomorrows there is one thing which is persistent, that is LOVE, immense love that the child holds.

Retrospecting 🚣

We can learn how to love, to always hold that smile without any reason from a child.

When the child grows about 5-8 years of age he asks questions, questions to which some answers are difficult to tell, some are difficult to explain and some we too are unaware of. Sometimes the child receives the answer and sometimes not. Despite of this fact the child doesn’t stop asking.
Retrospecting 🚣

What remains persistent here is the curiosity to know more, to learn more.

Overcoming the small hurdles which are big for them. Trying to walk was not easy for quite some time, but quitting, was that even a choice they knew.
Retrospecting 🚣

Keep this attitude close to your heart, attitude of not giving up.

Listen to everyone, but do what your heart says because somewhere down the line your intuitions know what is right for you.

Critics play a crucial role in our life because these are the people whom you cannot stop. So in this case and in any other difficulties which you face in your life which is difficult to control. So now imagine your life as a video game.

Now my question is what are the things that you can control in a video game?

The answer is the character which you can operate, you cannot change the devil, the only thing you can modify is the player and its skills. Do you think it’s fruitful to waste your energy thinking about those non moldable things?
So relate this to your life.
Retrospecting 🚣

The character of the game is YOU and the critics, the surrounding and the stuff which cannot be changed,use those circumstances to build your skills, to modify yourself into a better human. The remote of the game is in your hands and you should always practice more moves to modify yourself.

You can never lose until you yourself give upon yourself and as a child we are taught by nature to not give up.

Retrospecting 🚣
Whenever you face a situation I know it’s human nature to react immediately , but when the situation are not what you expected, don’t bang your head or anybody’s else head. Rather stay calm, breath in breath out and think of what more can be done to it.
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The solutions are important, but the curiosity to find them is never the less.

On this note I will wrap up by saying smile as a child and keep that unconditional love alive.
Halt to think about the right turn but don’t stop.
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Grow as a person and help others to grow along, you will see the beauty unseen, unheard, beyond words.

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Fuel of curiosity poured well on the spark of passion.

Hold the steering wheel of your life and drive it safely, you can rest at a place but you can never stay at a place, because you have to keep moving. 
Retrospecting 🚣


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  1. It's an great article to revisit again and again till our mind accept this truth of life that we never need to stop as we always have life like a game where there is no word as Game over ... We can give n no. Of tries till we succeed..


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