Words.. Unstoppable ARROWS released from BOW

Hello Lifectioners,
I'm Naman and as a part of team Lifectionery, I am going to express my views in this first blog... :)

WORDS... are one the most powerful weapon, yet they are invisible to see but they can cause way more harm than you would've imagined... Once they come out of our mouth, they don't come back. After that, there are only consequences to face; e.g, if someone has a disorder like Dyslexia and other guy makes fun of this thing, it hurts way more than anyone can think.

Words.. Unstoppable ARROWS released from BOW

Words.. Unstoppable ARROWS released from BOWLike, there was an incident that took place. There was a boy, brilliant in studies. His father never praised him for the brilliance that he achieved. When he came into college, He got straight A's in all the subjects. He called His father and told about the benchmark that he made in his educational life. His father ignored what he said and told him that he's busy so call later. These lines broke his heart from the core and he got into the habit of drugs, drinking. A few months later, his health so much worse, that he got hospitalized and ultimately, died because of the overdose of drugs. At that day, the father realized what he made his own by just ignoring his son's call for praise and love that was the only thing he demanded from his father but couldn't say it. Love was the only thing that he needed.

You can avoid any disaster just by loving... Love has so much power, one can never imagine.
Words.. Unstoppable ARROWS released from BOW

If you ever feel neglected, upset... Just take a break and spend time doing things what you love whether it is reading, spending time with friends or the ones you love, doing whatever you want, whatever  you love [except killing or hurting anyone, because you will have to face the consequence accordingly]. (*_*)

So, the question arises how to counteract these situations. For this, again let's hear another story. 
Swami Vivekananda, a well known Hindu Monk, was once in a state of meditation and a person who was upset due to an argument; came to him and abused him very much. He neither said anything nor he reacted to any of his words. Next day, again the person came to Swami Vivekananda and again abused him, this time he spoke more brutally and mercilessly. He again didn't reacted towards any of the words, he spoke, This process happened for a few days. One day, the person was so fed up with the behaviour of Swami Vivekananda that he finally asked him that why didn't react towards his abuses. Then what Swami Vivekananda said to him, changed his heart. He said to him that, If you purchase a gift for a person and he refuses to take it, even when you force him to. Then to whom does the gift belong.? The person said that the gift will belong to the same person who purchased it.  Swami Vivekananda said the same was the answer to his question about his no reaction towards his abuses. He didn't take it so it remained to him only.

Words.. Unstoppable ARROWS released from BOW

Words.. Unstoppable ARROWS released from BOWWhy being upset of someone's words.  Your reaction towards their's words determines the certainty of those words. Don't let anyone mould your view towards your own self. Always think positive of yourself.

The more you try to avoid the situation, the more you get involved with the same kinda situation.
Think Before you speak, because the same thing can happen to you in future and you don't even know about that.  Just think, what would you do if you were in your opponent's place.

Words have Power. They can cause destruction or a miracle whether it's visible or not. They have consequences good or bad, depends on the speaker; What he says Will have an ACTION.

Love is the ultimate thing which can protect you from anything and build every kind of foundation of the building which you want to build in any aspect.
Words.. Unstoppable ARROWS released from BOW

So, What needs to be done is;
Love everything, Love EveryONE, and Most Importantly LOVE YOURSELF <3💓

Words.. Unstoppable ARROWS released from BOW

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