Give Yourself Another Chance 🔄

You are so much more than a pretty face and a beautiful body. You hold so much more, your soul which resides in there deserves to be appreciated.

Give Yourself Another Chance 🔄

 Don’t let the applause for your looks overpower the throne that your fearless soul holds.

The spark you spread wherever you go cannot be matched and it would be rude to compare it with anyone else’s.
The most beautiful thing that remains with us even after ages is called Relationships.

Give Yourself Another Chance 🔄
Relationships that we have with our friends, parents, siblings and countless more. These bonds hold a special place, you don’t believe me right, okay so play any song to which you are connected and, there comes all the beautiful flashbacks which gives you chill in your spines

Give Yourself Another Chance 🔄No matter how much you try to get away from a broken relationship, you’ll always feel some unspoken connection. Like a thread was there, you both don’t speak, may be things have become difficult between you two, but that bond which you had, still gives your impulse a shake.

At the end of the day we all are humans and something which keeps us lively and not just survivors are the people to whom we are close to. Those who understand you without even speaking, those who recognizes you by just the sound of your footsteps.

Give Yourself Another Chance 🔄

If things are not working well and you think it will soon end up because none of you can make it up. Then for once think, If years later you miss your buddy and you have tears in your eyes would that small reason of a fight or misunderstanding be worth to explain the absence.
So take risks if that person is not making a move, let it be you who can solve the mess up. May be you will not lose a gem and hopefully you don’t lose hope from loving and caring. And of course you would be looking amazing while playing with those white hair and shaky walks together.

Give Yourself Another Chance 🔄

In the end of our lives we cannot calculate the money we earned and spent, but we can definitely have a smile on our wrinkled faces, cherishing the memories of all the foolish, gullible and funny things we did. It would mean so much more if we shared it with the same person we made them with.
So come on let’s give us another chance to live and enjoy with those who matter, before breaking andsuffocating the magic your bond hold. Give it another shot.

Give Yourself Another Chance 🔄
We don’t need superficial act of talking but we mean real deep bonds in our lives.

Give Yourself Another Chance 🔄


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