Before I start typing my mind out , I will like to clarify that I am not imposing my thoughts or views on you . I write on a very personal level and then pick up a part from my diary to convert it into a blog.
This , perhaps, will be from the yellow pages of my diary.

As soon as I mention G-O-D - half of you will loose 50% of your interest thinking that this will be a long spiritual blog about how we should believe in god and because of your young thunder age, somewhere, we feel talking about god is a no-no. 

Another Spoiler , I mentioned the word FEMALE - another half looses interest because now I am radiating my paths towards feminism.

But if you manage to reach the end of this blog  ( which won't take much time, trust me .....or not ) you will soon realize where my focus is.

Recently I have been reading a novel which made my mind wonder and struggle. It states that god is she not he.

Who decided whether god should be a man or woman when he/she is none ..?
Just because we cannot use *it* and use *he* to personify the supreme soul, a stereotype developed.

Unknowingly , somewhere while addressing him as *he* , we all developed a male personality sub-consciously which is now  difficult to abolish from our brains.

It sounds weird if I say - "She is the Supreme Soul. She holds the power and she created you."
Ironically enough , a female body did create you.

Mother Mary and Yashoda Maiyya are not the avatars of god but they nurtured the avatars brilliantly. Isn't it more god-y ..? Isn't this what we demand from god -Good blessings and continuous support ..? Lord Krishna and Jesus were messenger of god , not god themselves. They denied year after year that they are not god, they are just the medium, they are the children of god but, the fact is - many people were totally convinced that they were god.
So personifying god as *he* begun this early.

With the male personification came male consideration.
Where wives were told to treat their husband as there god but never the vice versa ..,Why ?
If marriage makes the male so pure that he can be compared to god ,then shouldn't we re-view the verses and add some *mantra* which makes the female partner that pure as well ?

( and maybe then,we can say - Treat your wife as a goddess. *Patni-Parveswari* weds *Pati-Parmeshwar*)

The Fact that God holds no body was left alone. 
The fact that no body means no gender is not considered.
The fact that we are allowed to use either she or he when referring to god do not exists.

It's 21st century and no new adjective, pronoun, or noun will be created to personify god at a level supreme to he/she.

After an intense session of over thinking , I am totally convinced that we can refer to god as *she* and I expect none of you to agree. ( because we all hold genuine points and expectations are not reliable ).

I will end this discussion here because short,simple and abrupt endings makes mind wonder and brain work.
But the upcoming stanza is like the fruit I earned from this tree while exploring it.

 As an individual you can have different point of view which none will understand. But as I said , we all are intellects and expectations are not reliable.
The more you try to force and convince your point, the lesser the charm !
Just validate your though entirely by yourself.

If the author doubted his opinion , I would have never agreed.

The people who can accept your points, will accept it.
The people who want to imbibe your vibe, will imbibe it.
The people who require time to understand , will take time.
And meanwhile, you play no role. Your role is over as soon as you express your opinion.

Similarly, others will have some weird point of views which you will not understand. It may seem funny, wrong or stupid to you but be welcoming. Welcome their opposition.
If it is convincing, accept.
If not, do not.
and say to yourself -
"He/She is not wrong , but much different than me. So yeah , with respect to me , this is not how the world works".

To be very honest , even I forget this mantra and feel how wrong people think.
but , RE-CHECK...........

because the debate whether god is he/she is still on.

Some of you might be convinced and some not . I don't know which *some* are right but I definitely  know , none of you are wrong. :)

Remember how I was about to talk about spirituality and feminism ?!


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