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Actions define you

Hello Lifectioners,

Actions define you

As you all know What you do, defines you; but HOW and with WHAT intentions you did that also defines you. Instead, the intentions behind the action describe who you really are...

Actions define you
 Recently, I was watching a very beautiful Spanish movie. And, there was an instance in the movie, where a small kid (MIGUEL) wants to be a musician while his family members; his parents, his grandparents hate music because Miguel's great great grandfather left his family and went to achieve his sole goal i.e; to be a very successful singer. And, there was an instance in the movie that he asks from the sculptor of his idol what should he do and then he suddenly looks down and there's written:  " APROVECHE SU MOMENTO "  which means   "SEIZE YOUR MOMENT". And, from that moment he set his goal to be a musician as his family doesn't support... But he didn't lose any faith. He knew what he was destined for, and did everything to achieve it. Just like his idol, an actor plus singer; Ernesto De La Cruz used to say in his films.

Although afterwards, there's some fictional content; yet that is also truly motivational as now they show how Miguel tried his best and how he achieved what he desired. His dedication is truly admirable.

This is *Your Moment*.

Don't let it slide through your very hands. You'll then regret this moment for the rest of your life.
You can either waste it doing useless kinds of stuff, or you have the opportunity to SEIZE THE MOMENT. Do what is needed. Do what is best for you to do. Do it now. Not tomorrow, not day after tomorrow, but do it now.
You are the writer, director, producer of your life. You decide what is the best scene for you.

Here is the link to IMDB of the same movie
Actions define you

“There is a truth deep down inside of you that has been waiting for you to discover it, and that truth is this: you deserve all good things life has to offer. ” 
― Rhonda ByrneThe Secret

I have another story to share with Y'all. It's more of an incident happened. Actually, it really isn't mine but kind of happened with a friend of mine, in front of me. And, maybe this can make a more effective impact in your life. Let's give it a shot as well. As we know the more we research; the more knowledge we explore.

Actually, I am studying Spanish at the Institute established by the Spanish Embassy itself. And there, in my batch, there's a student who's very good in studies but performs very bad in viva. He did very well in his exams and even gave the presentation very good. 
He’s very talented and intelligent. But god knows what happens to him whenever he goes for a Viva. He just freezes whenever he gives a Viva.

Like this, On the day of final viva and he was scared as hell. We all tried to convince him that everything will be fine and all. But, he was like “ I will fail in this and I will have to repeat… “  And when he entered the room for viva and sat. The things he said; Those things happened exactly, except for one little thing he didn’t expect... And, that was that the teacher was impressed by his performance and his results... So, when he froze she realized that he’s getting afraid so she gave a very little hint of the right answer and he answered it correctly. And for the next questions she didn’t give any hint yet he answered them correctly.

The moral that I realized from this incident was that –

It all depends upon the state of mind because when you are doing something that you truly desire, it doesn't seem like work... It seems to be a plaything but with a little difference, that it is for a daily basis.

It does not matter who you are, or what you are... If you have TRUE DESIRE for anything, You Will Achieve It... No matter what...

You Just gotta do 2 things...

  1. Be Truthful to yourself and do Hard work as everyone knows and says ONLY HARD WORK PAYS.
  2.  Believe that you can do it, and have Faith in yourself. These are the most important part because unless you have that undying belief in yourself to achieve that goal, you won't have that fun and enjoyment in your life that you expect.

I wish you all a very good luck in whatever field Y'all are in or are gonna choose. And choose wisely, which field you wanna see yourself in, in coming future.

“There is no such thing as a hopeless situation. Every single circumstance of your life can change! ”
Rhonda ByrneThe Secret 

Actions define you

Actions define you


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