The word
Positivity has variable meanings in all our lives but a constant belief that positivity means endless happiness and contentment

But, with the changing times and evolving mindsets, the concept of satisfaction and positivity has been changing and being dependent on our very own companion, Social Media. Instead of enjoying the present, our happiness depends on the Likes and Loves we receive on our posts on social media, determining the level of happiness. 

Measure Satisfaction

 Measuring your definition of fun with your peers, influencers and celebrities are not going to help you do anything but think how much better you can do in life. Complaining about how alone and miserable you are and ranting about how your routine could be interesting by comparing it with other people is not a positive perception. Meanwhile, the belief that staying away from social media will lead to endless positivity is a myth. Social media isn’t our whole life, but a fraction of our lives which we tend to forget and let it control us.

Rhonda Byrne quotes actively in her bestseller,  The Secret that “life is not happening to you, you are creating it”. Similarly, in reality, the concept of positivity is way beyond any of these representative platforms. It is a practice, a routine, a lifestyle, a habit independent of social media and comparisons.
Key to positivity is to know where to draw the line between real and reel life. 
Attract Blessings

When we are young, everything is exciting and new, and all of this pretentious happiness seems to matter so much. We care so much about what others may think of us and let anything affect our positive mindset in a fraction of seconds. But as we get older with the benefit of experience, we notice that most of these sort of things have a little lasting impact on our lives. 

Calmness amongst the chaos is a sign of emotional maturity

Start Living

You only live once.
Make sure you don't waste it in seeking validation from strangers.

Action Steps / Takeaways
1, Restrict the usage of social media using various timers.
2. Unplug once a while.
3. Posting everything online while socialising is being unsocial.
4. Do not make your happiness depend on the likes and love receive on your social media.

Socialising on social media while socialising is being unsocial.



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