Self analyse much?

Hello Lifectioners...
Self analyse much?

A blog post about thought and analyzation.
Might seem boring or could be assumed to revolve around the same kind of issues picked by many.

But my point is simple, and it only focusses on self-control, Have you ever practised talk to self exercise?

It is a really effective method to get over any obstacle in your daily life. Dentist in Greater Noida have actually come up with this interesting yet unknown cause of depression which is lack of self esteem.

"Do you lack self esteem? Blame yourself for mistakes from your past? Can't forgive yourself?"

Then this exercise is for you, it is truly an amazing one, so stick to keep reading through this piece of information.
Self analyse much?

Before you sleep, take out 20 minutes of your time and while lying straight on your bed, close your eyes and think of the day like a story, documentary or film -
Count the good deeds you have done, plus the positivity you have spread, the helpful deeds you have done and subtract all the negativity you have caused to anyone accidentally or intentionally.

Self analyse much?

Calculate your score of the day and see what you learnt and how this day helped you grow!
Sow a seed of love and light every day to reap glow in life till eternity and even beyond.

In a gist, what are the basic steps you need to follow for a peaceful mind and a calm soul...

T-Try something new every day
H-Have faith in yourself
A-Allow yourself to be human and make mistakes sometimes
T-Take time and give time to self analyzation or introspection.

So, are all of us doing THAT??

Keep Smiling!

Self analyse much?


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