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Today in my thought process I came across a message I read about a few years ago which I would like to share with you guys. Today in my thought process I came across a message I read about few years ago which I would like to share with you guys..

"Sometimes love is for a moment, sometimes love is for a lifetime. "
"Sometimes a moment is a lifetime." 
Once, there was an island of feelings.
All the feelings were staying peacefully over there.
One dreadful day, there was a storm. The island was about to drown.

All the feelings were scared, when  love made a boat  to escape
Every feeling boarded the boat   except for one.
Love  went on to see who it was,
It was EGO. 

Love tried and tried but ego didn't move even a step because of self-pride.
Meanwhile,  the water level kept rising. 
While everyone asked Love to leave Ego to die, but Love, was made to Love, it decided to stay back with Ego. To a sad end, Ego died of it's self-pride, and took Love along. 

MORAL: LOVE dies because of EGO 
So, Kill ego and Save Love...

 EGO - speaking to be a single word but this word itself has got so much weight in 
itself. Because of this small yet huge word, humans are increasing the distance between each other. Humans as made by the Almighty as one creation without any religion, caste, or creed. But it is always the Ego that comes to harness every other feeling in humans.

Well, this is NEW YEARS guys. It's time for some new resolutions and time to reassess your goals and make certain targets in life. Every year you come up with certain worldly resolutions or achieve certain stuff or target or status, this time try to resolve to become a HUMAN first. "BEING HUMAN" is a famous tagline, of our very own, one of the favorite Bollywood stars. But, it has a deeper meaning too. Before being a doctor or an engineer or a scientist or a politician, let's all try to become human first and develop human emotions and stop trying to prove oneself superior to the other.

Life is too short to build up an Ego. We have 900 breaths per hour; 21,600 breaths per day; or 7,889,400 breaths per year. We never know which breath can be our last, or after which we might turn into dust. It's all in the Almighty's grace. _/\_

So, just keep gratitude for everyone you meet, love with no selfish motives, apologize for your mistakes because you never know whether are you gonna get a chance ever again in life. Do not hurt people, forgive easily, remove jealousy, celebrate success (be it yours or someone else's), and live to the fullest. That's called A LIFE WORTHY TO BE SPENT.

Everyone we meet is living their own life, having certain problems. And it is very rightly said that if you can't solve another person's problem then at least DON'T INCREASE THEM.Try to understand each other. It will solve various discrepancies between people...

In the end, I would just say that DON'T BREAK OTHER'S HEART, they only have ONE; instead... :D 

Thank you...

Keep liking and sharing and keep spreading smiles everywhere.


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