The Life Governing Tool of YOU – Feelings (Unleash the inner child)

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Thank you for the reviews on my previous blog post. Here I am back with all new fresh ready-to-serve recipe.
So, this time the topic would be “The Life Governing Tool of YOU – Feelings”.
While reading many books, I concluded that the only force that drives your life is how you handle the feelings. Whether it is that you experience good feelings like- love, gratitude, joy passion, excitement, enthusiasm, hope, satisfaction, or whether you experience bad feelings like- boredom, irritation, disappointment, worry, criticism, anger, hate, envy, guilt, despair, fear.
Have you ever figured out that just with the change of a feeling you could change outcomes to any circumstance, and even change the whole of your life. And, even if you want something in your life, you could simply get by the shift of feeling from lack of the thing to abundance of it. 
Everything is feeling. You just got to know the way to deal with all of it. The feeling is the secret to everything. It is also said
“Be careful of your self-talk,
It’s a conversation with the Universe.”
“Be careful of your self-talk,
Because you are listening.”
It is the thoughts that shape up your life. Now, you would think that you need to control all the thoughts that come in your mind throughout the day to change your life. But, that is practically impossible. Because in a day you get around 60,000 thoughts and it is practically not possible to control each one of them. So, the easier way to control your thought process is through feelings. Each thought is energy which creates a certain response and that response can be felt with feeling. So, you just got to keep a check on how you feel and you could change your life. A transformation of expressions is brought about through an alteration in you desires and a modification of a desire is bound to change your destiny.
The best feeling is to feel like a child. Like there are no boundaries, no restrictions, no negativity, no limitations, free to do anything. Remember those days when you were a kid who never worried about tomorrow or anything else in life?
As the years went by, we began embracing our adulthood— the boring, more responsible version of our childhood. Slowly and gradually the child inside us starts to go dormant into a deep long sleep, until or unless one realizes to awaken the lost child within us. The thing we fail to realize is that adulthood is comprised of adopted ideas, notions, and thoughts that shape how we think about ourselves, other people, and everything else in the world around us. The more the mind learned— and was programmed— to begin over analyzing situations, the more life gradually lost its natural bent as a pure expression of joy and fun.
“The law of Love could be best understood and
learned through little children.”
-Mahatama Gandhi
We become more concerned about what other people will think about us if we do a certain thing rather than living free like a child and do whatsoever your mind desires to keep the fear of what others will think of. Also, do remember, that people are so busy living their lives that they don’t have time to look at you. They might talk about it for sometime but not every time because they are so busy in their own life that they don’t have time to judge yours. Be free, away from all fears, and live life with utmost excitement and passion. Go on long trips. Spend time with family and friends. Love indefinitely.  Life is meant to be enjoyed. Have fun.
Here is a bonus with this post. A link that will help you to remember those childhood days

So, this is what being free like a child means. I hope it brought a smile on your face. I would conclude this post here only ending with a point to bring back the lost child from deep within us. Try to make it a target to look at various circumstances of life with a wickedly innocent child’s eye.
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  1. U covered a very major point that we cannot handle each thought which pass by but can have a check on the feel.. 👍👍
    Many Likes
    Loved to read this one :D

    1. Thankyou...

      Will try to include more such points to awaken more people...

      Stay tuned for more....

    2. Thankyou...

      Will try to include more such points to awaken more people...

      Stay tuned for more....


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