The Driving Force of YOU

Hello Lifectioners,
Thank you for all the reviews on my first recipe, they were very helpful for my growth. I Hope you would thoroughly enjoy the second one as well. 
Today while I was thinking of my new recipe, I came across a message on Whatsapp which I thought could be the topic of concern this time. The message is as follows-
"It was a Sports Stadium…
A racing track with 8 boys 
With the Pistol Shot, all the boys started running.
Hardly had they covered 10 to 15 steps,
1 boy slipped & fell.
He started crying due to pain.
When the remaining 7 heard him, all of them STOPPED running.
STOOD for a while,
turned BACK & RAN
towards him.
All the 7 Boys LIFTED the Boy who had fallen,
pacified him,
joined hands together,
walked together &
reached WINNING Post.
Officials were shocked.
Many Eyes were
filled with tears.
It happened in Pune.
The race was conducted by
the National Institute of
Mental Health…
All participants were
Mentally RETARDED.
What did you learn out of it?
Sportsman spirit,
We Surely can NEVER Do this,
We have Brains,
and Ego,
and we have Attitudes."
So, what message did this story convey? It's just that we have become so much indulged in the race of life that all the human values are slowly and slowly becoming extinct. It has come to the verge of extinction. On a sarcastic remark, I believe, soon the government would be marking us as endangered species.
If those physically challenged, in fact, I should call them differently-abled people can show the feeling of Teamwork, Humanity, Sportsman spirit, Love, Care, & Equality, then why can’t we?
Why are humans getting parted away from each other day-by-day?
The solution to these questions is in a simple word and that is
“Love is the answer. It is also the question. Love is all that is!”
Focusing on the topic LOVE now!
The first impression with the word “LOVE”, that comes in our mind is the feeling between 2 partners in a relationship. But, the meaning is not just restricted in the partner’s love. Love is in everything. Talking by example – If it had not been the love of the Wright Brothers, we could not fly an airplane. Without love, there would be no doctors, or medicines, or emergency facilities, or buildings. Take a look at all the beautiful creations around you. Whatever you see is all because of love.
Love has been talked about almost in every religion, and even by every philosopher. But many of us have never truly understood the true meaning of love. Take a moment to think about –
“What would the world be without love..??”
First of all, you wouldn’t exist. There would be none of your friends and the flow of life would have come to a complete halt. It is that strong binding force that links people.
To use love as the ultimate power in your life, you must love life as you have never loved before. Fall in love with life! Every limitation will break. You break the limitations on money, health, happiness, and limits of joy in your life. Whatever you are doing, you can find love in everything.
“Nothing is either good or bad,
but your thinking makes it so.”
-William Shakespeare
If you ponder about negative things and screech about the things you don’t love, you are definitely getting jailed like a parrot in a cage. Every time you talk about something you don’t love, you are just adding another bar to this cage and are locking yourself away from all the betterment.

You can change anything in your life by changing how you feel. When you change how you feel in any subject, the subject must change! But in changing how you feel, don’t try to get rid of bad feelings, because all bad feelings are simply a lack of love. Instead, you put love in it! You don’t really get away with anger or sadness, they stay unless you choose to put love into it. there is nothing left to dig out of you. When you put love into you, all the bad feelings are gone.
“Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only
light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate,
only love can do that.
-Sir Martin Luther King, Jr.
The force of love has no opposite. There isn’t any force of negativity, rather it is the lack of love, whether that is negativity in person, place, circumstance, or event. There isn’t a force of sadness; sadness is a lack of happiness, and all happiness comes from love. There isn’t a force of failure; failure is a lack of success, and all success comes from love. There isn’t a force of illness; illness is a lack of health, and all the health comes from love. There isn’t a force of poverty; poverty is a lack of abundance, and all the abundance comes from love. Love is that positive wave in life, that can make any negativity disappear in a fraction of seconds.
When people reach the peak of giving more love than negativity, we will see negativity vanish from the planet at a rapid rate. Just imagine!
“The question is not really whether or not
you go on, but
rather how are you going to enjoy it..?”
-Robert Charman
I would like to end this recipe leaving you with a thought for my next blog post.

“The law of Love could be best understood and
learned through little children.”
-Mahatama Gandhi

See you soon. :)

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