Childhood Character

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I hope you all are super ready and packed for your holidays,........... um....until you have some busy schedules or no holidays at all.
But that is nothing to frown about, part of life!
Happens with everybody at some point of time.


There are times when we re-create past moments in our mind.
Those can be good or bad, exciting or dull, simple or fascinating, shocking or obvious memories.
And the most favourite category - the bubbly  CHILDHOOD MEMORIES.

The silly part of us ! childhood !
Childhood Character

No matter what kind of child we were , everyone loved us. 
I don't mean to say anyone of us was a bad child but we were stubborn, we were cry-baby, noisy, naughty, clumsy eater and so.

I was one of them for-sure.
If you were none of the above - Hats off to your child version !!

But on the brighter side, to veil all the things mentioned above, we were cute, innocent, funny, honest, gullible, sweet, multi-talented, powerhouse of energy, curious, positive, kind, helpful, determined....
Phew ! ( that's a lot )

One thing which I couldn't enlist in the above two categories is the characteristic which helped me built my blog further is -

We were easily molded.

I had fights with my friends who were far more practical than me - " No !! SANTA EXISTS ! and he gifts me every Christmas ."
On the contrary, I fought with my parents ( who aroused my belief on Santa ) - " No ! 19 is spelt nineteen not nineteen because my teacher said so. " 
( I found out soon that I was wrong. It wasn't my teacher but me who generated this new spelling. 
*Further information* - I got 19 out of 20 marks in my mathematics in U.K.G because I spelled  19 wrong. Wow !)

I talked about expectation and left influence for this particular blog.

In my previous blog - Taken For Granted , I mentioned two things - Expectations and Influence.
I talked about expectation and left influence for this particular blog.

This easily mould-able characteristic changes to a habit - habit of getting influenced!
Not even a habit, but a trait of the human mind.


A little less or a little more , we all are influential. 

We can get influenced by both good and bad.
And here is where the limiting line should appear - Say NO to bad influence, not influence in total.

I will merge my old blog ( which I wrote in 9th class ) with this -

Childhood Character
I remember a day when my little cousin was so fascinated by a toothpaste-advertisement that she pushed her dad to the pharmacy that day itself.
That night, she was so eager to brush! ( it's rare for children of her age )
But all her excitement vanished when she rotated the cap of the new toothpaste and with a sad emotion she said 
 "Dad.! where are the stars, moons, and bunnies which were to come out of the tube.? I think this piece has defected"
Gosh! she expected the same result in reality as she saw in that advertisement.
( funny , right ? )

 We have an absorbing nature, we absorb everything which comes around us knowingly or unknowingly.
Childhood Character

Childhood CharacterLatest example -
In school ( until higher education )
I tended to modulate my handwriting according to the writing of a person sitting beside me.
If my bench mate's font was small, after some days my font size also decreases and in other cases when my mate has a bigger font size, my font size also increased. 
I never meant to copy them or modulated my writing intentionally, but it happened.!
My subconscious performs magic and I am sure I am not the only one.

Another example-
Don't we pick up language traits of other people?
Listen to a person 5 times and you will end up taking something or the other from their vocabulary. (especially the silly and idiotic words or phrases )

OK, so my blog seem more like an interactive *get to know yourself * session than a teaching.
Apparently because this is what my focus is on.

My focus was to bring your focus to the things you get influenced too.

So that now, each time you get influenced by someone or by something which is far important and big than these daily examples ...

Think before accepting that aura of influence on you.
Think before you accept it.
Think whether this is beneficial or neutral or inappropriate for you.

And obviously, if inappropriate -  DIMINISH AND DESTROY the influence.

Prevention is always better than the cure, perhaps

Childhood Character

Childhood Character

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  1. A throwback to our childhood days😘😘

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