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Whenever you look at someone and set your perspective to a limited wooden box, you forget to see all the beauty that the other person holds. Your eyes are covered by the spectacles of judgment and you fail to acknowledge the gems that each one of us hold.

 Not everyone you look at is a diamond, they all are undergoing those pressures and facing the darkness, that will transform them, so that they can shine. Every soul tries it’s hardest to smile, despite all those pain it still chooses to foster their dreams.

TAGS UNTAGGED The belief that the little seed will outrun its own limitation is nurtured with hope and love. That belief does not have a simple plane path, still that soul keeps it ignited. The only one she had on this path to her dreams is the soul that belongs to her.

Every situation is different so is the response of different people handling it. The stimulus may be the same but the reaction can never be.

Take look at your body and observe, how many tasks it performs without any trouble. It is a complex community of different compartments performing a different function. 

You can never state that all the compartments behave in the same way.

Similarly, one task can never be done in the same manner by everyone. The footsteps taken by you to your dreams, always walk on the untraveled path.

The vibes that you spread by your presence can never be matched with any other force.

Not every lock is opened by the same key, similarly, every situation demands incomparable expression.

No person is good or bad, because my dear, you are a mixture of enormous power and force, the power which cannot be adjusted in the mere boxes of good or bad.

These are merely words, which cannot define you.


You are dough of different ingredients mixed by the hardships of life, but wait till it bakes you and make you delicious muffins 😉, the better the quality of ingredients better will be the taste, so try not to degrade your salts.

we are brought up in a society where we are wired in the wrong circuits. We all at one point of time are stuck in a mental cage, that need to be broken. We unconditionally judge situations and then we estimate an ideal response, which is accepted by the society. When the response of any person does not match to the prewired circuit we start depreciating that person. We need to stop judging the situations and their actions. Nothing in life is preformed and responses to new experience vary from individual to individual. Appreciate the differences and allow everyone to grow freely.

The peak to unlearn and re-learn is reached. We need to find the wrong circuits and re-wire them before they trip.

Happiness of your life is determined by the quality of your thoughts


Based on humanity we all are equal and for all of us, the ultimate goal is happiness. Spread happiness and don't judge anyone on how they react in a situation, because we all are humans and the mixture of fundamentally enormous powers beyond the limit of just good or bad.

Try to count all the happiness you shared and that's all the gems you collected which ultimately gives you fruitful satisfaction.


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