Why Worry.??

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"While walking to my home from the market one day, I started thinking of some topic to write down my new blog post on. And, then I saw a person who had his headphones plugged in his ear, and dancing to the beats of music. Suddenly, he realized that one of his car tyre(wheel) got punctured. He stopped by and began replacing punctured tyre of his car, with the spare tyre. He was still listening to music with and still dancing on the beats and enjoying every rhythm of music. He was even enjoying things , which could seem tough to some people. And, changing his tyre, he put his seat belts on and drove away."

The person did go away. But my mind started to think over it. Like how this person even enjoyed the instant , which most folks would have regretted upon, had it happened with us. A question came in my mind that-

Whether it's things in life that causes the matter , or is it the way we react towards it?

My brain cells started to run over this question. And to answer this question, I would like to go stepwise towards the solution.

"What is the most pleasing 5- lettered word.??"

Money?, No , not at all.
Sorry?  Nope, it's not pleasing.

The correct answer is

There is also a blog post, we have specially dedicated to Smile. If you want, you could go to it and read it. 

Smile- The shortest distance connecting people. Yes. Smile has got that power to change anything negative into positive.!! Smile in the mirror. Do that every morning and you will start to ascertain an enormous difference in your life. Nobody needs a smile such a lot because the one who has none to offer . So get used to smiling heart-warming smiles, and you will spread sunshine during a sometimes dreary world...

And, If I show you a funny gif image

Yes, it is quite funny. The person trying to save his new shoes from getting wet, almost drowned himself completely in the water.๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ P.S.- I don't own the copyright for this picture though.

Now, watch this image on repeat mode. And, if you retain watching this on repeat mode, will it look funny to you anymore..???

No, it won't. It would definitely not.

If you can't laugh at the same joke every time. Then, why do we cry over the same problem again and again?

Problems will come. Issues will come. Difficulties will come.

Doesn't matter whoever you are. Be it the president. Be it some rich person. Or, some normal class person. Or, be it poor person

There will always be a reason to cry and it depends on you whether you will smile or cry tears.!!

God has a plan, an amazing plan for all of us with all the challenges, with all the difficulties and with all the troubles that are incorporated in the plan, which might be incorporated to teach us something or the other. Perhaps, to teach us how to live life, Or how to deal with life, Or how to react to different situations of life, Or how to deal with stress.? None of us know what? None of us can see how.??

You can't judge what the book of life yet has to unfold, while you are mid-way. You don't know what is to be enfolded next.
-Aman Khurana 

Now, Think of a situation-

If you are caught up in a traffic jam. Most of the time, we answer new stimuli and experiences automatically, supported how we expect they'll affect us. A holdup is not just cars; it is a problem which will make us late for dinner - so once we see a red wall of taillights ahead of us, we become stressed-out. In other words, we don't just experienced, we evaluate - and then respond without thinking (clogged highway = extra minutes stuck in the car = misery). Every situation, if you think that about it, is a call for participation for you to react during a certain way, but being mindful gives you the prospect to make a decision the way to RSVP. Does the sight of bumper-to-bumper traffic mean you've got to urge stressed-out? (Judging from the rise in my pulse just from typing "bumper-to-bumper," I've got work to try to to .)

I remember a formula that I read within the book by Jack Canfield :

E + R = O

(Event + Response = Outcome)

The basic idea is that each outcome you experience in life (whether it's success or failure, wealth or poverty, health or illness, joy or frustration) is that the results of how you have responded to an earlier event or events in your life…

: If you don’t like your outcomes, change your responses:

"While you are half-way reading a book, you can't judge the end of it."
-Aman Khurana

None of us can understand what the plan is??
And, therefore we C-R-Y๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜จ.

If, we would know, what the plan is..?? You would SMILE. Just smile.

So, coming to the solution of the question I asked for-
Therefore, I would like to sum up with the answer that,
It is totally up to us how we react to life. 

An easy plan, you'll undergo to combat the fear . And, I guarantee that if you follow this, you would be able to have peaceful night sleep, and also your stress levels will go down.


How we react to life, decides the fate of us.

-Aman Khurana

Some advice to reduce stress levels, and anxiety, & to deal with such situations-

1. Ask, yourself following questions-

Case 1

 "Question 1- Do you have a problem?

Answer- If the answer is Yes.

Question 2 - Can you do something about it?

Answer- Yes

Conclusion- Then, Why worry about it.??"

Case 2

"Question 1- Do you have a problem?

Answer- If the answer is Yes.

Question 2 - Can you do something about it?

Answer- no

Conclusion- Then, Why worry about it.??"

Case 3

"Question 1- Do you have a problem?


Conclusion- Then, Why worry?"


2. Shift your focus to physical sensations you are feeling at that moment. 

Example - If you are sitting on a chair, feel the touch of chair. It has been scientifically proven, that if you shift your focus to the physical sensations, you tend to come to the present, and focus over the present, leaving worries of past and future. This is the technique, used by monks, and other meditation practitioners, to focus on the present, by this type of meditation known as, MINDFULNESS MEDITATION. 

You will now be concentrating on only one thing, experiencing each moment because it happens, and trying to be - if i'd quote Van Halen - 

Right here, Right now.
3. Practice MeditationMeditation allows you to an excellent extent to shift your focus to present and develop some tricks for lifestyle too- like taking a couple of slow, conscious breaths to bring my attention back to this moment, or choosing a specific sense to specialise in . (Advice from a meditation- By training myself to stay focused during the exercises, I've also gotten better at staying present when I'm not actively meditating. As a result, I've discovered that every day is dense with experiences - the breeze against my skin, the play of sunshine on the grass, the sound of my husband's laugh - and if i would like to stretch out time, all i want to try to to is notice them.)

4. Listen to musicMusic also helps you to bring your attention to the present.

5. Try focusing on your breath. The way air enters your respiratory passage. The bodily movements caused due to inflow of air. The movement in abdomen, shoulders,...

6. Hope this will help.
5 by 5 rule
If it's not gonna matter
in 5 years, don't spend
more than 5 minutes
being upset by it.

Stay Happy.
And have a stress free life.
Why worrrry??๐Ÿ˜œ


With all my love,


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