Take a pause… Close your eyes, breathe and Smile!

We all breathe right? 
Take a pause… Close your eyes, breathe and Smile!But how often do we intentionally stop amidst chaos and hassles to  ‘Breathe’?
How often do we recognize & feel the rhythm of your breath and just smile?

In this lock-down period, we are either working from home, attending online classes, completing assignments. Did we ever think of doing it before this pandemic struck us?
Also, we are getting back to our hobbies or developing one, cooking and baking for ourselves and our family, connecting with old friends over the phone calls and messages, revisiting that bookshelf which we haven’t touched in a while doing exercises, meditation etc. and the list goes on as we are trying to find our own ways to get our work done and engage ourselves. 

But stop where you are and Breathe…Yes, you read it right.
In this century we all are striving to reach a goal, achieve and conquer, but what we often forget is our own ‘self’. What is this ‘self’? To put it in simple words, it is who we are, what stories we carry, our inner character and consciousness of our presence.
We often feel hesitant to put ourselves before everything else.
How can I think about myself first, isn’t it selfish? Isn’t it too much? 

It is difficult for us to look inward.
To see ourselves taking a little bit of extra nap time, to acknowledge that we need a break, to recognize those random emotions or feelings that might leave us in tears.
To not have an answer for all our questions and to choose ourselves as the first priority.  

Take one step at a time, stop everything, close your eyes and breathe. Accept that we deserve self-love.
We deserve to enjoy the ‘me’ time of the day, we deserve to be guilt free as we sit by ourselves just to listen to some good music, without the baggage and treat ourselves with our favourite food.
Amidst everything, we need constant reminders to check on ourselves both mentally and physically. 

Take a pause… Close your eyes, breathe and Smile!
Ever wondered what is this ‘self-love’ we all talk about these days?
Few thoughts to run through while you sit and read this piece of writing…
Recognize yourself,
Acknowledge your inner thoughts, feelings and emotions,
Accept that it is okay to be ‘not okay’, it is okay to be ‘guilt-free’, it is okay to ‘love yourself’,
Validate your feelings and needs while you are aware of your own presence,
Boundaries are good and should be honoured,
Take a step closer to yourself, explore the unexplored in you and listen to your body. 

Worried? That you might be lacking self-love.
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Let us take the tiny steps towards self-love and remind us that…

Take a pause… Close your eyes, breathe and Smile!

“ 1. We deserve to be our first love.

        2. Sit with our feelings when in need.

        3. Hug ourselves when we need one.”

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Lastly, did you breathe consciously while reading this? 
If yes, then smile :)

Take a pause… Close your eyes, breathe and Smile!


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  1. Hi Anin... you always motivate me... thanks for making me smile

  2. Hey Annindita!
    This was helpful and I am practicing self love everyday now.
    Keep it up.

    1. Hello! Great to read this, keep loving yourself and smile :)


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