Fear stagnancy, Not change.

Why do we fear change?
Why do we fear to push that initial step?

Coronavirus has brought a significant change in our lives, along with no change in our periodic activities over days.
You must be thinking why am I talking about fearing change. When the matter we see in appearance is monotony.

Fear stagnancy, Not change.
Get a clear perception

We fear to bring new ideology in life, that change is constant and it is the only thing which won't change. We can learn to adapt to this fact of bringing change in our life, which we can do by learning this concept.

The concept that our mind does not govern us, rather we govern it. Don’t grant this power to your mind, to control what you do. Grow out and learn to control your mind.

Consider your mind as piano and you the musician. You decide which key to press when. You decide the rhythm.

There is absolutely nothing to worry if you fail terribly in the start, your efforts may sound like noise.
But you need to believe in your power, that you have the treasure of abilities to sound like a piece of calming melody to the soul.

Hardships bring out the true meaning of a strong soul. only the strongest can convert this into lifetime opportunities. Hold on for a bit more this time. To deal with this psychological stress, in the path we have to move from loneliness to solitude.

Fear stagnancy, Not change.
Find Answers Inside.

You can start this act of analyzing the map of your thoughts, each time you feel miserable.
You need to understand the pattern of the unbreakable cycle of happiness and sadness. So that you can understand why you feel terrible when you do.
Acceptance is the second step because the first step is analyzing that there is an opportunity to improve. 

Believing that your small daily acts can change the way you look at life.

Learn new skills that can bring productivity and happiness in your life. Create small tasks which bring fulfilment to your soul.
You can bring yourself out of that cycle by believing in the power of your true self.

Fear stagnancy, Not change.
You Possess To Outgrow Your Self Expectations

Turn this problem into an opportunity, because that is what your real successful self will do.

"Karm karte ja, fal ki chinta mat kar"

The final call is yours. Dive in to traverse the unexplored ocean within you. Strengthen your roots.

Fear stagnancy, Not change.


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