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“Life’s a challenge but you will succeed.
You are capable of doing anything and can achieve any dream. All you have to do is believe in yourself and your ability.
The story is far from done; the best is yet to come”

Believe In Yourself

Take control of how you feel, since, without humble but rational confidence in your powers, you can never choose to be happy. A sense of insecurity and inadequacy lingers around with the procurement of your hopes, but with self-belief, you can develop creative faith- a faith, that is justified. 

It’s dreadful to realize the number of pitiful people who are affected and made miserable by an ailment popularly called the Inferiority Complex. But you need not endure such pain.
(Stop Reading, Look into the mirror, that’s your competition. It’s you vs. you; choose to be your best version).

There can be so many various sources which trigger the inferior feelings, and not necessarily from a few stem from childhood, though they can be. Childhood memories play a very important role in this if there has been some incident the individual is much likely to be seen more inferior. They tend to erect a power barrier in our personalities. It can be some emotional cruelty done to us in childhood, or a consequence of certain circumstances, or something we did to ourselves. This malady arises out of the murky past in the nook of our personalities.

Perhaps, you had an older sister who was a brilliant student and a pretty-faced girl. She got A’s in school, you made only C’s, she had bright radiating skin, you had zits all over your face, and you never hear the end of it. So, you reasoned that you were consigned to getting C’s and stay clear of clearer skin. Apparently, you failed to realize that somebody who gets an A in college, doesn’t get to become the greatest man alive because you never know that the fellow who got C’s in school might later go on to becoming the real star worldwide.


We build up the feeling of insecurity or security by the power of our imagination. If in our thoughts we constantly fix attention over menacing expectations of dreadful events that might happen; the result will be a constant feeling of insecurity. Employ what is called the “the vacuum-cleaner method” and suck that dust out of your minds, draw out the negative attitude, and suggest yourself some positive ideas to re-frame a concept.

The greatest secret for eliminating the inferiority complex, which is another term for profound self-doubt, is to stop letting your thoughts control you and solely believe, “I can do all things through God which strengthen me”. God will be your companion, will stand by you, help you and see you through.

Lack of self-belief is apparently one of the greatest problems besetting people today. The blows of life, the multiplication of problems, the accumulation of difficulties, sap the energy and leave you depleted and dispirited. It’s then vital to re-appraise your assets; this evaluation will convince you that you are less defeated than you think you are.

When you think everything has been swept away, sit down for a minute, take a piece of paper and make a list of the factors that are for you. This includes;   

  • your parents 
  • your partner 
  • children 
  • friends 
  • integrity         
  • health 
  • perfect place to be at 
  • religious faith 

Believe me, this will wipe away all your doubts, and more than enough power will emerge within you to overcome all your difficulties.

The secret is to fill your mind with thoughts of faith, confidence, and security. This will expel all thoughts of doubt and all lack of confidence.

I came across this story of a man who for a long time had been haunted by insecurities and fears, his therapist suggested that he read the Bible underlining in red pencil every statement it contains relative to courage and belief. He committed them to memory, as a result of which his mind was full of healthiest, happiest, and dynamic of the thoughts. From almost complete defeat, he became a man of compelling force. He now radiates courage and magnetism. Inspiring, isn’t it?


To sum up-what can you now do to build up your self-belief? 

1) Whenever a negative thought comes to mind, deliberately voice a positive thought to cancel it out. 

2) Do not be awe-struck by other people and try to copy them. No one can be you as efficiently as You can. 

3) Learn the origin of your inferiority. Self evaluation finds a cure. 

4) Make a true estimate of your own ability, that’s a superb antidote to all your difficulties. 

5) Affirm that ‘the kingdom of God is within you’. Not that “apun ich Bhagwan hai’, but that you now Receive power from Him. :D

Wake up, Sid! Take this prescription guide right away. It’s now or never, my friend. 

Happy Healthy You! :)


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