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I came across a line in SIKH GURBANI which says,
Gandh preeti mithey bol  (ang 143)
Gandh - knot
Preeti - love
Mithey - sweet
Bol - words.
"The relationship of love is tied stronger by the usage of sweet words."

Let me explain it with an example-

"Oh my God you have become so dark, I almost didn't recognize you. Migrated to the sun or what?" Asked a lady who met a man at a party after a very long time."I had cancer and became dark because of the treatment." the man said.
Do we have the habit of passing comments on people and their appearance without knowing the repercussions?
"You have become so thin"
"You have gained so much weight"
"What happened to your sense of dressing?"
"Your child is so short for his age"
Endless are the comments that people make about others without knowing what the other person is going through.
A thyroid problem could have cause the person to be overweight or underweight.
The person could be in mourning that's why they didn't bother dressing up.
Your comment on someone's height isn't really making them feel good.
So why do we have these remarks?
Darji always says "Beta if you don't have anything nice to say, you don't have to say anything."
In Gurbani we are advised to always use sweet words, 'mithey bol'.
Actually mithey bol doesn't mean you have to only speak sweetly. 
It means your words should be such that the listener wants to ingest them like sweets; Encouraging words, sympathetic words, complementing words.
Words make a lot difference in our lives.
Use them gently and carefully.


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