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Well we all are aware of harmful effects of negative thinking.. So here is a short example of destruction through your negativity.

In an article in Cosmopolitan magazine, "The Drive Toward Self-Destruction," Alice Mulcahey pointed out that upward of 30,000 Americans commit suicide each year and another 100,000 attempt to take their own lives. She went on to say,
"There is shocking evidence that millions of other people are killing themselves by slower, less obvious methods. Still others are committing spirit,u al rather than physical suicide, constantly
seeking out ways to humiliate, punish, and generally diminish themselves."

The psychologist. friend mentioned before told me how he helped one of his patients to stop committing "mental and spiritual suicide." "This patient," he explained, "was in her late thirties and had two children. In lay terminology she suffered from severe depression. She looked back on every incident of her life as being an unhappy experience. Her school days, her marriage, the bearing of her children, the places she had lived all were thought of negatively. She volunteered that she couldn't remember ever having been truly happy. And since what one remembers from the past colors what one  sees in the present, she saw nothing but pessimism and darkness.

"When I asked her what she saw in a picture which I showed hel; she said, 'It looks like there will be a terrible thunderstorm tonight.' That was the gloomiest interpretation of the picture I've yet heard." (The picture was a large oil painting of the sun low in the sky and a jagged, rocky coastline. The painting was very cleverly done and could be construed to be either' a sunrise or a sunset. The psychologist commented to me that what a person sees in the picture is a clue to his personality. Most

people say it is a sunrise. But the depressed, mentally disturbed person nearly always says it's a sunset.)
':As a psychologist, I can't change what already is in a person's memory. But I can, with the patient's cooperation, help the individual to see his past in a different light. That's the general treatment I used on this woman. I worked with her to help her to see joy and pleasure in her past instead of total disappointment. After six months she began to show improvement. At that point, I gave her a special assignment. Each day I asked her to think of and write down three specific reasons she has to be happy. Then at her next appointment with me on Thursdays we would go over her list with her. I continued this sort of treatment for three months. Her improvement was very satisfactory. Today that woman is very well adjusted to her situation. She's positive and certainly as 'happy as most people."
When this woman quit drawing negatives from her memory bank, she was headed toward recovery.
Whether the psychological problem is big or little, the cure comes when one learns to quit drawing negatives from one's memory bank and withdraws positives instead.


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