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This time I want to talk about the view by which you compare yourself with others.
Keep these two points in mind when dealing with people: first, the other fellow is important. Emphatically, he is important. Every human being is. But remember this, also: You are important, too. So when you meet another person, make it a policy to think, "We're just two important people sitting down to discuss something of mutual interest and benefit."

Read it in a text from book :Magic of thinking big"

A couple of months ago, a business executive phoned to tell me he had just employed a young man whom I had recommended to him shortly before. "Do you know what really sold me on that fellow?" asked my friend. "What?" I asked. "Well, it was the way he handled himself. Most job applicants when they walk in here are half scared. They give me all the answers they think I want to hear. In a way, most job applicants are a little like beggars-they'll accept anything, and they aren't
"But G. handled himself differently. He respected me, but what's just as important, he respects himself. What's more, he asked me as many questions as I asked him. He's no mouse. He's
a real man, and he's going to do all right." This mutually important attitude helps you keep the situation balanced. The other fellow does not become too important relative to you in your thinking.
The other fellow might look frightfully big, frightfully important. But remember, he is still a human being with essentially the same interests, desires, and problems as you.
Do not ever underestimate yourself and your views. The views about you by other person are not just important as he is also just another human being with same of the life problems like you. If you are too much worries about your views by some other person, you are going to fail. Rather, just think that the guy might discuss it for a while and then wooof.. The memory fades as the guy deals with same problems like you. EVERYONE IS BUSY IN MAKING THEIR LIFE BETTER, THEY JUST DON'T HAVE TIME TO THINK ABOUT YOU. Keep this in mind, and you are gonna prosper..!!

You are an important person such as other perosn you are talking to. The other fellow is important but not to the extent of you disregarding yourself..!! 


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