Dealing with Anger for our evolution

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Anger is a short madness. -Horace (Roman Philosopher)
Anger is a burst of energy. It can be utilized to our benefit in the following way. If practiced, it can transform humanity as this burst is arising everywhere every time.

Anger: It takes thoughtful, conscious control from you, forces you to act irrationally, and often results in regrettable consequences. It influences behavior more powerfully than any other emotion. It overpowers reasoned, rational thought and takes control over you

So, what all events can lead to anger..? • Doing “stupid things,” 

-like misunderstanding people
I recall many a times misunderstanding people that I trusted the most and getting angry uselessly for nothing to bring out unnecessary fights.
-like misplacing items 
For example, I recall a number of times inadvertently dropping my keys between my sofa cushions, taking 10 to 20 minutes to find them, all the time swearing like a sailor! 
 • Getting lost while driving 
I got lost one night as I drove to pick up a friend. I recall the tension created by the anger I felt at myself for not carefully following the map I had briefly checked before leaving. I recall clenching my teeth and squeezing the steering wheel, and thinking to myself, “What an idiot!”
• Getting stuck in traffic 
Driving in India during daytime almost guarantees significant traffic. Nonetheless, I was always angry, tapping my foot, ready to snap at any car that dared to cut in front of me. 
 • Being insulted, disrespected 
A friend was furious with his boss. Over coffee, he told me that his boss had insulted him about his work habits in front of a couple of his co-workers. My friend’s face was bright red with anger, his hands balled into fists. 
 • Being misunderstood and needing to repeat (or clarify) my statements 
At work, I thought I was clear when I invited a co-worker to dinner that evening. When she didn’t show up that night, I asked her the next day what had happened. She said “Oh, did you mean LAST night?” I simmered and stewed, and slowly, perhaps sarcastically, said, “Yes, last night.” 

We normally deal with anger either by expressing it or by repressing it. By expression, we spread anger. We multiply it. We make it our habit. We feed our ego. Our false self gains strength and begin to look like real.
By repressing anger, we create tension within till it reaches a burning or bursting point. We then become violent. We may then either harm the self or the other. It explodes and consumes everyone around us.
Another way of dealing with anger is unknown to the most. This way of dealing with anger is beneficial to everyone including ourselves. This is called transcending anger.
This requires that we become immediate witness to the anger as soon as it comes. We should start noticing how our body gets tensed, how our mind begins to race. How our ego begin to jump within us and how we start to damage none other than our own body and mind. Just watching the anger from distance becomes a meditation and in this way we begin to realize a new reality.
If we are wrong, we become grateful for this awareness and if we are right anyway, what is the use of getting angry in the first place.
In this way our anger becomes our liberation. We move to higher realm of life.

Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned....

If you learn to appreciate and fully experience each and every moment just as it is, anger will become less and less of a problem until it finally disappears entirely. Anger begins very small. It's always based upon the difference between how you think things should be and how they actually are. Within this gap, the fiction known as 'you' appears and reacts. In order to protect this fiction, you start to justify your anger, to build a convincing case to prove to yourself you have the right be angry. This can happen quickly, so it's important to stay right on top of it. To repress anger consciously means you do not allow yourself any excuses. You do not accept any of the justifications for anger your ego coughs up, no matter how reasonable you can make them sound. This is the only way to reach the source of anger and be finished with it completely.

But you have to take this all the way ... as far as it can go. You can't stop at anger. You have to see love, kindness, selflessness and compassion the same way. Your ideas of these 'positive' states can be just as much of a hindrance as anger. 

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