Paradigm Shift

Hello Lifectioners,

This time I have come to update your knowledge about PARADIGM SHIFT..!!

Okay I will explain it with a story.. Then we will understand what this word means..!!
So, my dear Lifectioners, similar is the case with life. It all depends on how we look at the events of life that governs  the path our life is leading us to..!!
Again, I would like to explain it with a story- 
Imagine you're in an Airport. While you're waiting for your flight, you notice a kiosk selling shortbread cookies.You buy a box, put them in your travelling bag and then you patiently search for an available seat so you can sit down and enjoy your cookies.Finally you find a seat next to a gentleman. You reach down into your travelling bag and pull out your box of shortbread cookies.As you do so, you notice that the gentleman starts watching you intensely. He stares as you open the box and his eyes follow your hand as you pick up the cookie and bring it to your mouth. Just then he reaches over and takes one of your cookies from the box, and eats it ! _You're more than a little surprised at this_.Actually, you're at a loss for words. Not only does he take one cookie, but he alternates with you. For every one cookie you take, he takes one.Now, what's your immediate impression of this guy? _Crazy? Greedy? He's got some nerve_!Can you imagine the words you might use to describe this man to your associates back at the office?Meanwhile, you both continue eating the cookies until there's just one left. To your surprise, the man reaches over and takes it.......But then he does something unexpected. He breaks it in half, and gives half to you. After he's finished with his half, he gets up, and without a word, he leaves.......You think to yourself, "Did this really happen?" You're left sitting there dumbfounded and still hungry. So you go back to the kiosk and buy another box of cookies.You then return to your seat and begin opening your new box of cookies when suddenly you glance down into your travelling bag. Sitting there in your bag is your original box of cookies still unopened.....!!!Only then, do you realize that when you reached down earlier, you had reached into the other man's bag, and grabbed his box of cookies by mistake.Now what do you think of the man? _Generous? Tolerant? Patient? Calm_?_You've just experienced a *profound Paradigm Shift*_.
*You're seeing things from a new point of view.*
Is it time to change your point of view? Now, think of this story as it relates to your life.
_Seeing things from a new point of view can be very enlightening. Things may not be what they seem_. *BE OPEN to Suggestions.*
Every Point has _THREE_ Sides;
*Your Side,*
*My Side,*
*The Right Side......*
_To understand either the *Other's Side* or the *Right Side*, one needs to LEAVE HIS SIDE......!!!
START THINKING BIG rather than SMALL APPROACH and THINK OF BIGGER GOAL and ask yourself "Is it important to induldge in useless thinking and judgements..!!

So, What is a PARADIGM SHIFT...??

Definition- A fundamental change in approach or underlying assumptions is known as PARADIGM SHIFT..
To explain this better, Kuhn used the duck-rabbit optical illusion to demonstrate the way in which a paradigm shift could cause one to see the same information in an entirely different way.

This is a classic example of an optical illusion showing duck-rabbit illusion based on how we look at the image..

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